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How can I learn to sharpen my Psychic and Clairvoyant abilities?

I know that I have them, but I want them to be more intense and useful for myself and others. So, what can I do for myself to really hone in on the Psychic and Clairvoyant abilities that I know that I possess? Thank You.
Please don’t respond with something like: “You’re Psychic, you should already know”. I’m being serious.
I am sorry to disappoint most people who responded with “Take the Randi Challenge”.At this moment I am not that good. I checked it out and if you will all please recall, I was ASKING how I could improve my Psychic or Clairvoyant abilities, not “Prove” them. I am most definitely not interested in trying to “Prove” them to ANYONE.
I just Know that I have them and was interested in LEARNING more about them.
If some don’t believe in the Power of Intuition, Sorry.

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  1. Become a “Spiritual Healer” which is taught at Spiritualist churches. This activates the energies which are latent in us all,in various degrees & you’ll find that you may surprise yourself. There are around 30,000 registered Spiritual healer’s in U.K. alone !.Check it out !

    • I’m interested in learning how to hone my own intuitive or clairvoyant sense. My first experience with it was at a very young age. I was about 8 yrs of age when I spent the night with a grade school friend. She was an only child of her two parents; however, her father had an older son by a previous marriage who came over to visit the following day. I’d never met him before but was immediately uncomfortable around him without knowing why. A little later he attempted to chase she and I around the yard in a game of tag, and again without knowing why I became panicked knowing something was very wrong about him. So adamantly so that I knew I could absolutely not let him catch me, even in something as innocent as a game of tag. Later in years I would find out he was a child molestor. That was the very beginning of my clairvoyant nature. As a rule tho, I’m most always much more intuitive when it involves someone else. Very rarely in my own life or involvements. Which to me is the most unfortunate side of it.

  2. The best way is to use them.Every chance you get show your abilities to people.Record it,let the world see.Take the randi test.Bring a lawyer with you to make sure Randi pays you.Otherwise,most people will believe you’re a phoney braggert.It’s not bragging if you can do it though.I’m being serious,too.Your welcome.

  3. Many people believe they have psychic or clairvoyant abilities, but no one has ever proved it satisfactorily. Most demonstrations of psychic abilities can be put down to selective memory, luck or coincidence. e.g. “I had a vision of my mother ringing the doorbell and 5 minutes later she rang the doorbell”. These types of observations are common but rarely or never do they result in useful predictions — they are always “after the fact”.
    Before you spend time, money and effort on trying to develop these abilities you believe you have, you should look very critically at the evidence for your belief. No one in human history has been able to withstand this sort of critical evaluation and demonstrate these types of abilities satisfactorily. You would be the first.

  4. I am curious how it is you know you have psychic abilities. I’d like very much to hear about what sort of talents you have and how you’ve become convinced your talents are real.

  5. I have to agree with most of the respondents. Perhaps the best thing you can do to sharpen your abilities is to become proficient in demonstrating them. Practice makes perfect. The best way to do that is to test yourself, and do it in front of people who require evidence to believe and who can confirm the results. The Randi challenge, as someone said above, would be perfect for you.

  6. You can sharpen your abilities by practicing meditation and stengthening your connection with spirit and also by paying attention to what you’re sensing in your day to day life – noticing how often you are right on will give you confidence.

  7. The fact that you want to sharpen these abilities has already brought you closer to doing so .. you are putting out the intention and your answers will come .(when the student is read the teacher appears) it may not be the way you had expected but if you are sincere about this you will be drawn to people places that will help you ,just as is already happening with this question of yours. Be tuned in to things even more ..do not work at this its the opposite …discover the gift that you already have .let go and with ease it will happen easier. Dont doubt your self. you will get the signs and you will just smile knowingly.
    take care

  8. http://www.gotpsi.com/bi/gotpsi.htm
    this is to the main page. U have to fill out some info basci nothing too private and then u can take these tests. U can see how u are doing as well as practice. At the very least it is fun. They keep the results but u can see them.
    Good Luck and have fun

  9. First, relax. Life is a journey, not a destination.
    Second, listen to your heart/intuition.
    Third, guide your own destiny.
    Fourth, seek out people with the same abilities as your own, that’s the best way to hone your skills – by using them, and believing in yourself and your abilities, and intuitions.

  10. Two words: Meditation, and Practice.
    Do an online search for books on meditation and/or psychic ability. If there is a certain type of psychic ability you’d like to hone in on, look up books about that particular one.
    Not everyone can do all of the different types of psychic abilities. Clairvoyancy is just one of them. You also have precognition, retrocognition, telepathy, astral travel/projection, telekinesis, and others.

  11. there maybe some lessons online that you could try to sharpen your Psychic and Clairvoyant abilities
    You could try the link below too

  12. Just curious. Why wouldn’t you want to contact the James Randi Educational Foundation?
    Since you “know” you have the ability, why not go and collect the millions of dollars awaiting you? Randi is only one of many with check in hand.
    You don’t have to be good at it. A simple demonstration will make you rich and famous.
    Why not go for it?

  13. The great Randi test:
    There is a guy by the name of john edward(no, not john edwards). He was asked to prove his psychic abilities at the university of arizona. He and a couple other clarvoyants. Oner of them was george anderson. No one has been able to prove their test is invalid.
    Edward got the highest rates of “hits” where he had to tell what was behind a blank card. Another test was to describe a scene 1000 miles away that the university had set up. His test score?
    An amazing 86 % of the time he was right without any doubt. Some of the ones he missed could have been decclared hits as well but the school wanted to remain unbiased and checked them wrong.
    The controls and the security used for these tests were extraordinary. They could not have been faked.
    Incidently John edward is noted for his ability to speak with the dead and does so through the use of symbols–He sees a symbol and it represents something. when he speaks with the dead, he talks of the other side, the dead are spirits still able to communicate with “this side.”
    This is the most amazing part, he does not question much, suggest much, and is accurate almost always.
    I can’t explain it. Randi’s explanation is lame at best. His demonstration of his ability to do the same thing is not even close to what edward does.
    If you think it’s all fake, take it up with the university of arizona. They have the results, I believe on the internet too at Arizona paranormal expiments with john edward. I personally
    have obsereved so many things I dont even question anymore. Why do kids die and come back and report the same thing? why did I die for 8 minutes and come back with no fear of death and a new life free of the old self and filled with new hope for the future? I’m not looking for money or fame. I haven’t been back to work and won’t be going back to work. Jesus said, “My kingdom has many mansions.” The Bible talks some thirty times of “aliens visiting.” How dare we not explore things that are unknown because we don’t understand them?

  14. this is kind of an open-ended topic,but basically i think it is good to gain more knowledge on abstract subjects like philosophy,theosophy,psychology,metaphysics and the likes …
    Another interesting and with a more scientific approach is
    Remote Viewing,and RV requires some discipline from you
    to perform a session and one of the fascinating thing about
    RV is,your target doesn’t have a name ,that way your conscious mind doesn’t interfere with the process of gaining the information ,however your ‘sub-space mind’,will know the
    target.here is a link ,for more information on this topic,
    Clairvoyance=A person with this type of ability can see things not apparent to others, like receiving a vision of events or a visual impression about a person. This ability is often combined with others and is the most common.
    These psychic tests are designed to measure your degree of psychic abilities or to be used as tools to develop your psychic talents.http://www.psychic-experiences.com/psychic-tests/

  15. Slow your mind. Modern life tends to wind us up; literally speeding up our brainwave frequency. Normal daily, wide-awake, states of consciousness are Beta frequency 14 up to 20+ cycles per second. Beta level brainwave activity is too fast to allow psychic connections. So the practices of meditation and relaxation methods you are comfortable with are the first steps to develop psychic ability. More advanced help on the following pages: http://www.psychic-junkie.com/develop-psychic-ability.html
    Here is my quick step-by-step script for accessing your psychic state of mind. With a free MP3 to download.
    There’s also a good FREE psychic mini-course at http://www.become-psychic.wotsnext.com

  16. I am trying to hone my abilities. I have had mine all my life, just didn’t realize what they were until this past 10 yrs. Now I am really interested in finding out what I am capable of doing with what I have and to try and control other aspects of it. I am not looking to learn on line. I am a person to person kind of being and want to learn that way. If anyone can direct me who to talk to or where to go that would be greatly appreciated.
    DFW, Tx


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