Home Discussion Forum How can I learn to see other people's auras?

How can I learn to see other people's auras?


  1. Read their body language -no kidding-
    Half the aura is exposed in their body language and talk … !
    The other half can be guessed through hard concentration … !
    p.s. I can’t read either but I am trying like hell !

  2. I have read you can do the following (even though I ‘m not sure it works):
    Tell someone who is wearing anything dark (preferably black) to stand in front of a white (or maybe light) background -it’s better if you do this in the morning or afternoon- and notice at a close distance wtv there is around their body outline. If you see anything (and you don’t have any problems in your eyes) it’s probably their aura.

  3. I heard just stare at them until you see something … although how would you know it wasn’t just eye strain???
    I’ve only ever seen one, and it was when I had my period – since then I have been told that women are more sensitive during menstruation.
    If so, it makes it a bit hard for you …

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