How can I learn to see human auras?






  1. Well who doesn’t pee at weddings? You have to show up at noon, then after the ceremony you go to some stupid holding room or you’re turned loose in some strange town. By the time the reception rolls around, you’re starved, thirsty and you haven’t peed in hours.
    Anyway, take some peyote. That should do it.

  2. if you mean like how empaths do, then ive heard if you dull your eyes out of focus, so everything goes blurry, then you can see a fine line around the outline of peoples bodies. ive never been able to pull it off, thats just what ive heard. hope i helped – andy

  3. When you say you pee at weddings, do you pee in their general vicinity or do you actually pee on members of the wedding ceremony?

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