How can i learn how to read aura's?

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You first must have the gift of being able to actually see auras. Can you do that now? If not, you will never be able to read them. Sorry. It’s a gift that can’t be taught.


Like dickn2000a said, you have to have the gift to read aura’s. You could try, but i cant be sure it will work. Maybe some form of meditation or divination might be something to try out instead?


You will learn it if you are really interested. I suggest you just try to be a bit more alert on what you see on people like a smoke or a form of unnatural energy around them. Were both learning you know, I myself found out I had inborn Aura reading and at first I thought of it as normal but now I realize its a special ability, I am also trying to figure it out how to use it so just take a bit of studies then you’ll know.
Hope I helped.

Shadow Storm - Witch & Healer

Nothing said here will get you far, we can only point you in the right direction. You will need lots and LOTS of research on the subject along with a mentor who can help guide you. Such things are not always easy and we can all read auras, The thing is that people seem to be under the impression that all witches “see” with a third eye when that is not true.
Some of us always use the term “see” or “feel” but the truth is that psychic, or intuitive, skill comes differently to all of us. While some of us may have greatly developed clairvoyant abilities, others might have a better clairaudiane or clairsentient skill.
So if im near you i might be able to detect your current mood, something that is in your mind and sometimes it happens without me noticing it. You might have something in mind and i’ll bring it up. It happens to most people but they just blow it off without realizing that they were just reading each other.
Why a mentor? Because books a great I love them. I have more than I’ve actually read (I support pagan writers lol). But they are not full of all the answers. And in the witch community, what is one thing to one witch could mean something completely different to another. So you have to actually find your own personal path and that is achieved through years of studying (both on your own and with another) and lots of practice.


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