Home Discussion Forum How can I learn how to Astral Project myself?

How can I learn how to Astral Project myself?


  1. Really this is witchcraft and if not done right, you never return back into the body. If you don’t use a silver cord or an angel that is realy a demon, then you can get lost. Even the silver cord can be broken.
    Ecclesiastes 12:6
    Remember him–before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, or the wheel broken at the well,
    This suggests how fragile life is.

  2. Not sure. An associate does, but he is mentally ill. Not sure if that is the cause or not, or, if projecting himself has made him ill.

  3. It takes practice and patience. You have to learn to meditate and become pretty good at it.
    You will find some really good information at http://ladyoftheearth.com
    There are also some good books at there as well. Try Llewellyn.com look for Astral Projection For Beginners.
    Hope this helps.

  4. It is a case of Mind over Matter.We are all trapped in a material existence,can one Transcend that level ? It takes great Spiritual Concentration.The Realm of the Spirit is a Heavenly Place ! Meditate on an iridescent Crystal such as Opal,Snow Quartz,Moonstone or Clear Quartz. Also use Hematite or Red Jasper so you remain Grounded after wards.Clear your mind and concentrate on the space in your mind.Focus on your crystals as a guide.We are all attached by our Silver Cord it is our lifeline between The Spiritual Realm and The Material Plane.Using the correct crystals in the right way is essential to remaining earth bound.The Golden light is your soul , it is a warm place, remain with it when astral projecting.

  5. AP has been proven to occur in sweeden when brain waves are manioulated to certain frequencies. You can buy tapes CD’s with these frequencies to induce OBE’s or astral states of conciousness. The book Mastering Astral Projection by LLewellyn comes with a CD-ROM that has some of these patterns on it. It worked for me, and it’s a fairly amazing experience. there are also certain pharmacological compounds that work too, ie LSD,mescaline, and ketamine
    also eating high grade cannabis that has been cooked correctly (in butter to release the THC) can induce OBE’s as well as other experiences, I would not reccommend this however…i’d stick to the CD’s and meditation…also you WILL is crucial as welll, you have to really WANT it…Look into the Monroe Institute in Afton,VA they are the premier OBE/AP school around

  6. First – you must be open to unlearning – what keeps you grounded to better understand how to allow yourself to be in that space.

  7. it takes alot of concentration and alot of control.it can be done with practise.you need to get your energy levels really high.i dont mean go for a run.meditation and putting yourself into a higher state of awareness is the key.many of us do it unaware during sleep.ever woken up in the morning and felt like youve run a marathon only remembering glimpses of dream?i know people whom have practised and have it down pact .they can meditate and shoot off to where ever they like.dont expect to do it in a few days.you might be lucky.


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