Home Discussion Forum How can I learn ESP (extra sensory perception)?

How can I learn ESP (extra sensory perception)?


  1. I don’t think ESP has been scientifically proven to exist, and if it is, then I highly doubt you can learn it. It’s one of those things you have to be born with.

  2. You have to be born with it,it can’t be taught. Some people claim that they were taught how,but it’s not true. Sorry.

  3. Read a few books by Robert Monroe. He is a pioneer in a few alternate states of being, including seeing what you can’t with your 5 senses.

  4. ESP isn’t defined as even existing. I’m not sure you can develop a method to understanding how to learn something your not sure is there. But, maybe you can. Hmm…..

  5. I don’t know if you can really learn it. The best advice I can give you is to practice different forms of meditation, until you can find one that works to empty your mind of all clutter. Once you have pretty well mastered that, you will not need to completely empty your mind to access ESP. Think of ESP as “tapping into the pipeline”.
    You’re interested in getting the answer to a certain question. What you want to do is find a place for a short time where you will not be interrupted. Clear your mind except for your question. If something comes back to you in the way of an answer, then pay attention to it. It’s quite possible you’ll get nothing from the pipeline at all. But sometimes you might get an answer. You will not be allowed to use any talent you have for this for selfish or evil purposes.

  6. you already have it you have to awake your senses and be more open to your feelings, open your mind cause it’s where it all starts


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