I can’t find anyone who knows about it in real life, and I want to learn about it. Is there a book or something I could read that could help?

Thanks beforehand!


  • You can’t? Few can.

    Lao Tzi and Zhuang Tzi is the 2 books you can find in book shops. The rest, you cannot. You can only get the rest from real Taoism masters.

    However, I am a vajra buddhist of the True Buddha School. My root guru Lu Sheng-Yen also excels in Taosim, he is a Taoist before is a monk. He still apply both.

  • A great book to read is, The Jade Emperors Mind seal Classic. IF you are really serious about learning of Taoism I can give you more information on a group here on Yahoo Groups. The Tao Te Ching is also a very good book in my opinion. It is debatable however whether Lao Tzu actually existed. It is thought that he is three people or rather the Tao Te Ching was written by three different people over the period of three hundred years. IF Lao Tzu did exist it would only make sense if he was a true “heavenly Immortal”, as defined in the Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic.

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