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How can I keep myself from feeling sleepy while listening to meditation music?

During morning, I really don’t want to be sleepy while practicing meditation. I’d like to feel more awake through and after that. How can I achieve this. Thanks guys.


  1. Try blasting Yoko Ono music cranked to volume 10. That should keep you awake and wake up all the dead people around you.

  2. Coffee, Red Bull or any other high caffeine drink should do the trick. Though i tend to stay away from them. Also fixate yourself on the meditation don’t let your concentration go, unless that defeats the objective of meditating.

  3. You need to develop a strong and close contact with your own soul.which will keep you focused and aware of whats going on during your meditations..I used to have the same problem until I developed a good and intimate contact with ones own inner divinity ,as this is the nature of the creative soul.The human soul is a spark of divinity and is as well the great higher self that dwells within each and everyone of us.

  4. If you’re really meditating, you should be transitioning into a more focused state of consciousness. Sleep is an altogether different form of consciousness. My diagnosis? You’re not doing well at meditation. Focus. Meditation requires it.

  5. Try sleeping early, at least have 6-8 hours of sleep at night. Then you have to purposely make up your mind that you’ll meditate each morning, whether you feel like it or not.
    BTW, by meditation, I hope you mean meditation on God. Ask Him to help you meditate, you cannot do it alone.
    I hope all works out OK. Gd bless.

  6. You might want to try this: for five minutes before you start your technique, do gibberish. Make all kinds of sounds, as long as they are not a real language. Pretend you are talking in a language no one knows. Make loud sounds, soft sounds, angry sounds, sad sounds, just create any non-word sounds you like. Really get into it! And move your body around too.
    Then do your regular practice.
    If this doesn’t work, try a little green tea.


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