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How can I keep myself from being affected by the negative energy of other people?

I come in contact with a few people each day who give off too much negative energy. They complain constantly because the coffee is too cold, or the stapler doesn’t work, or someone else has it better than them, etc, etc, etc. While I try to remain serene and positive, eventually the constant complaints begin to wear on me. Any ideas on how to block this negative energy? It’s mainly coming from co-workers and family members so these are people I really can’t completely ignore. Thank you for your thoughtful answers.


  1. Keep a positive attitude no matter what, just tell them in your mind they are crazy. Also try doing something for them, bake some cupcakes, even if you dont know them well.
    I used to do pizza delivery and on friday mornings i would bring in doughnuts or cake, just a little wait to try and make the day better for all.
    As for thier complaints, just be happy you dont bitch that much, tell them they bitch to much, maybe they’ll shut-up, try wrtiting in on a cake, “dont bitch” thant should work!
    I know some places you cant use words like that so write something on a cake that says something like, keep a positive attitude, or something dumb and inspirational like that.
    Good luck.

  2. I know the feeling. What I do is block them off as they are speaking, etc. pretend you are listening to their complaints, etc. and think of something totally different and pleasant and nod your head and spark up a new topic of conversation, such as “Oh, I like your shirt, etc” this will catch them off guard and they will be forced to switch to another topic of conversation instead of complaining.

  3. First of all, handle it. There will always be negative people surrounding you. Second, do not listen to them. A lot of times I don’t listen to them, because “Who are they?” What achievements have they accomplished? I’m not going to listen to them. I used to work at a place where there was a lot of gossip. I heard a few stories about myself which were not true. I didn’t care because 1) Who the hell are you ? and 2) If you are not contributing to my enrichment, then I don’t need to listen to you. People who are negative, tend to complain and live dull lives. They need to complain or gossip because they have nothing to look forward to. Just don’t worry about them. I bet at the end of the day, they don’t care about what you do. They have to worry about themselves, paying bills, spending time with family, dealing with their issues, etc. Just focus on what you want to do an invite anyone with you who is supportive instead of not helpful.

  4. you can be the one who brings streinght to others and encourage them to step up and be happy. kinda like being a leader. dont let your happiness be effected by others. help them feel good and bring posativness


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