• I have a non slip mat made by reebok. You can try those arm/sweat bands on your wrist. Those work out gloves, try not to put oil or lotion on before working out, use powder.

  • If your mat is new, that may be part of the problem. Try lightly scrubbing it and letting it dry for a few days.

    If you sweat a lot: there are yoga mats available that are specifically for hot yoga classes, where people are supposed to be covered in sweat. They are less slippery when wet.

    Another option would be to get a yoga towel, that covers your mat and is supposed to soak up sweat. It is a bit slippery when you’re NOT sweating, but good when you are. You can always put it on your mat after you warm up.

    These specialty mats/towels cost quite a lot, but they should last you for years and it’d help your practice immensely. Try googling for them, or check out a company like huggermugger, they have quite a collection:

  • I never had that problem… try another mat, mine sticks very well even when i am sweating… what u can do for your palms I guess you could use those fitness gloves what is usually used for weight training i think it might do the job so at least your hands won’t slip…

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