HomeDiscussion Forumhow can i increase my stamina,chakra,flexibility,and agility,for ninjutsu or taijutsu.?

how can i increase my stamina,chakra,flexibility,and agility,for ninjutsu or taijutsu.?

no im not asking about the naruto junk like real shinobi ive study ninjutsu, taijutsu watched chakra videoes they dont help


  1. the best thing for stamina is breatheing you need to control your breathing to allow an increase in stamina, you can buy breathing regulaters which are like small tubes with a mouth guard on the end whcih allows a certain amount of air in and therefore controls your breathing for you, as for flexibility join ballet good luck

  2. For flexibility try stretching more often it just takes practice. Keep the stretch for about 15 seconds I believe and do this a few times a week in addition to class. For stamina I was told jumping rope is the best thing for it. Good luck!!

  3. hey i do ninjutsu and we learnt a breathing/flexibility/meditation thing last lesson,so what you do is you find a wall with lots of space and lay beside it with ur legs out to one side and ur body faceing away from the wall kind of like a 90 degree angle,then make sure your buts touching the wall slowly bring ur legs up so that ur legs are on the wall and ur back is on the ground .letting all the blood from ur legs go down into ur upper body giving you freash blood in your legs.important:if you go up the wall for lets say 10 mins you have to spend a quarter of that time on your side when you started(90 degree angle)to let the blood go back into your legs other wise it will cause you great dammage to your legs so if you go for ten minutes spend 2 of those minutes on ur side(important) although if ur a girl dont do it when its your time of the month. other than that go ahead guys can do it when ever they want. while ur up the wall meditate so your in a state of mushin(no mind).
    this exersize helps with stamina from the freash blood,flexability from being on the wall and chakra from meditating it also helps against head aches and i know this because my sensae said he would swere it works so i hope i helped Dan


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