How can I increase my magick powers?

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Does anyone know how I can increase my magick ability? I’ve tried and tried and tried and I just don’t get results!..YES..magick is real..soo don’t give me that bs saying probably magick isn’t real!.I only had success in one fire spell..anyways I need to know soo I can cast more spells on .. somebody help me!!!

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spell it right, and get more ‘spell packets’. shout LIGHTNING BOLT really loud when you throw one.


you’re misguided. there’s magick and all, but the devil isn’t allowed to do anything without god’s consent. stop trying to control things and let god be. ‘be still and know that i am god’. isn’t that what he said? all that casting of spells… you’ll realize soon is useless. gather all the herbs and light all the candles you want… unless it’s ok with the heirarchy and the universal consciousness, it’s not happening.


You could try opening your chakras and using different meditation methods and above all practice, practice here are a couple of websites for books.


You need to level up.
I wouldn’t dream of giving you bs saying probably magic isn’t real. “Probably” is for geeks.

joe dirt

you have to run naked through a crowd. repeat as necessary.

Dany Cebbo

U swallow a lighter for fire spells then drink vodka and to put stuff on fire spit on it.
Lightning use sticky tape 3 balloons and stick the ballons on ur back so they dont get in ur way then rub ur hands together and aim ur hand at target then flick ur finger the static makes a bolt fly out.
Hope it works for you im a fire mage
Lmao fool

Alpha Dawg

If you are a guy stop masturbating, If you are a girl start. This is why. The forces of creation and uncreation are opposites in the male and female. And stop trying to cast spells written by people who sell their books in the mall or online in some cheesy secrets of or finding your hidden powers books. Real magic takes focus, concentration, can only be performed in accordance with moon and stars and proper numerical sequences the invocation of names of power and strong concentrated emotions. Which could backfire on you in a heartbeat if you screw up. I am not going to tell you magic is BS but the stuff you are reading is. Start with Richard Cavendish and work your way up to real magic from there. If you can’t grasp “The Dark Arts” you are not and never will be a magus and should just hang your up your pointy hat and use your ceremonial dagger to slice cheese from now on.


Don’t trust the people trying to sell you stuff- you won’t get results. If you got any, it’ll show up. If you don’t, quit trying to get some.


You can’t theirs no such thing as Magic, or magick for that matter.


Please stop using websites like that, they aren’t brilliant and can sometimes be dangerous.


learn latin and new doors will open to you


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