How can I improve my vision to see auras?

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I feel a little bit crazy asking this.

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I don’t think there is a way, I mean I wanna learn but I dont think that exists


You actually need to go to a tarot card shop and pick up these special shades which enhance your aura detection spectrum.


That is an intersting question. I have experience with this and it is not easy because you have to change your mind about reality. You can do it if you practice (anyone who knows it is possible can do it).
Start by ‘feeling’ your ‘third eye’, the center of your forhead. Pay attention to that area when you are talking to people. First you might notice that you pick up how they are feeling, maybe even some of what they are thinking. You do not want to control, you want to relax into it.
A good exercise is to put a pencil on the table and hold your hand 2 inches above it, think about the pencil moving when you move your hand. When you can get the pencil to move, you will understand how to see aura’s (you may not actually see them with your eyes, it may be just that you understand the colors around them or know something about their energy field)


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