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How can I improve my self-confidence?

I sometimes find it difficult to make a decision, and often ask people for their advice. This seems to annoy them and they seem not to want to know. I have been to counseling, aromatherapy, and even past life regression. But nothing really has helped. I want to have the confidence to make a decision and also the self-esteem, to take the rejections, and failures that come from everyday life. I even looked a confidence spells, in the desperate hope for a solution to my problem. I think it come from a fear that I am inadaquate, and unlovable, a negative self-image. Despite people say, ‘I’m nice’, or ‘good person’, I feel they say it to make me feel better, not because it’s true. I have been on assertiveness training, and a confidence course, but all this and more does not find solution.


  1. With that kind of drive to be better I suggest this book: The 9 Personalities of the Enneagram. You will love it!! It’s all about personality types and how to hone in on your strengths and get rid of your weaknesses. Try it out!! I think you can even take the personality test at http://www.enneagraminstitute.com/ I dare ya!

  2. Nothing succeeds like success. Focus on a decision you made that worked well, or an accomplishment you can build on. Give yourself credit for work that you did well. Decide on a course and follow it through. It should get easier for you.

  3. I also had very low confidence. Something that helps me is, when I am down, is I get a piece of paper, and write down the posotives and negatives. If the posotives weigh out the negative, that makes me happy. If the negatives out weigh the posotive, work on them. I had to learn that I was a good person, and noone else can tell you that, you have to tell yourself. It sounds silly, but … you just have to tell yourself that you know that your a wonderful person. Don’t always put yourself down.
    When you need to make a hard decision in life, just go with what feels right. If you made the right decision, reward yourself! Tell yourself, hey I did a great job. If it doesn’t work out so well, tell yourself that you learned from your mistake, and it will get better from there.
    Good luck, best wishes. 🙂

  4. i think I’ve been through what you been through before..
    and I’m not sure if I’m going through it right now, but you let you know, your not alone,
    even when people say your nice and a good person, not all of them lie to you, some are actually your true friends
    i have been rejected i think so i thought i have been.. well i know how you feel.. cause I’ve been through ruff times in life where i just can’t take it anymore, and to the point where i want to take the rejections and failures that come from everyday life,
    Hold on to what you believe
    i will always be your friend bro
    if i were you I’d wouldn’t hang out with people who are always negative especially talking trash to you.. it’s not healthy
    it will only make things worse i know this from experience,
    I’ve been made fun of, and such, and it hurted bad, but i didn’t give up, cause i knew they were liars
    i actually haven’t been to a counseling, aromatherapy, or assertiveness training or confidence course and confidence spells what ever that is..
    but i know one thing.. that your not alone, and your never far behind… People go through things, and even though they seem to hide it, their not hiding it from them self when they go through things, and i hope you don’t care what people say and thing cause most of the times they lie, and tell you things of what they believe you should be and do.. i know this from experience people wanted me to be what they wanted me to be and wanted me to do..
    don’t follow the crowd.

  5. every one you meet like the postman people in the shops walking down the sreet whatever have a chat or say hello you will be surprised how many other people feel like you i was 56yrs when i had a assertive course i have not looked back since


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