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How can I improve my negative energy??

I am a salesperson. I sale beauty products. It is a very different kind of job. However my job is based solely on my sales. Sometimes I get down. I catch myself having an attitude how can I change this so I can become a better salesperson? Any techniques.


  1. stay present
    if you think 20% in the past and 30% in the future you are wasting 50% of your energy
    meet people as if for the first time
    keep wiping the slate of their past and future

  2. The best advice that you could get is leave home at home and work at work. When you go to work, forget about home until you get home. If you worry about anything besides taking care of the customer it will show in your performance.
    If you are having things happen at home, you eventually need to deal with those because they are impacting your livelyhood.
    You don’t need to have a real “sunny” dispositon all the time. However, when you interact with customers, you need to be professional and attentive to them. Especially in the Sales area. I wouldn’t buy from someone with a frown. Put on your happy face at work. Sales is appearance anyway. How you present yourself to the customer is what sells.

  3. I would try to turn learning and using all the salesperson skills I could learn into a game. That way my job wasn’t as hard to do or quite as stressfull.

  4. with positive thinking. if you have positive thinking then your costumers will feel good vibes coming from you and be willing to look at your products and buy them.


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