how can i improve my aura reading skills?

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i am just a beginner and I’ve already tried reading it from other people’s forehead. So far, i’ve found people with blue/ purple/white/black aura. There was once a found someone with the golden halo. i’d love to fine tune my skills.

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There are 2 methods…one is by staring to alter the focus of the eye.
The other is to attune to the psychic/spirit and read from there.

hott loser

were to peas in a pod


If you stare at the sun a good while before you stare at someone else, you’ll probably add some orange and other bright colors to that list.


poke out your eyes, all will be clear then.


stare at a tree at night. it worked for me a little.


i know this place in mexico were i went i’ll get the address4 you


find as many books on it you can, I don’t know how much is on the Internet. Pray for a guide,keep you eyes open, and don’t be afraid to talk to people about it. Go to physic fairs and ask questions. Also practice and keep records of things you see and results of behavior.

Miss Red

Meditate on the subject. Meditation solves everything.


If I ate God would i die?

Better to just hug a tree 🙁

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