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How can I improve in Seeing Aura?

Ok, I been practicing seeing aura for a few months on and off. I can see a thin layer of energy emitting off of people. I can see aura better in certain lightings. The most aura I have seen is coming out of a persons shoulders. The amount of aura is usually 2 cms at normal, or about a inch at max. I know I am missing something. I can’t seem to see spirits yet. So does anyone know any effective ways to improve my aura seeing abilities?


  1. If you squint your eyes until they start to get watery or even rub your eyes and then squint. Your surroundings should be fairly calm and quiet.

  2. Perhaps becoming more familiar with energy will help you. It helps me when I can feel their aura, instead of just seeing it. Also, Meditating and clearing my chakras as well beforehand is benificial. It may be a bit harder for you, depending on what you consider your strong sense; hearing, feeling, seeing etc etc.
    Have you ever looked at the sky above the ocean? 🙂


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