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How can I identify energy aura, figure out a Spirit, ease stress, and purify my house of bad energy?

~Please, I only want real and serious answers. If you don’t believe this stuff FINE but go somewhere else with the bashing.~
Recently a gifted friend of mine came to my house to give me vital information about the energies, dysfunctions and whatever may have you he got from my house and he also came here to help nurture and bring forth my abilities. I am very intuitive and can pick up on people’s energy but I just need a little guidance in order to strengthen these things.
He did an energy aura on me and he picked up green and yellow. I’ve read green is healing and yellow in personal growth. He told me to try it and I’ve never really saw a persons energy aura color before but I tried it and for some reason I got a deep shade of purple in which I’ve read is spiritual wisdom but I only saw it in my right eye and for some reason it was spinning in a circle. What does that mean and what does those colors represent in depth?
He picked up that my Dad’s health is getting bad (mind you, he’s never even met my Dad) and how he is very stressed out, gaining very bad blurred vision and has pains in his chest and stomach and he may get ulcers. I talked to my Dad later that night and asked him if he had all those symptoms and he did. I believe my talk with my Dad just about general things eased his stressed. Is there anything else I can do to help my Dads situation?
In my house he says that something or some sort of Spirit is just here, watching and waiting. I don’t understand it too much. If someone can help, please do.
I need to cleanse my house of bad energy he says because he feels some things may have gone on before we lived here and at present stress, emotional burden and confinement is going on. There is also bad energy from my ex in my house. He picked up that my ex had a black and gray energy aura and was very depressed and self hating and my friend said if he continued to channel my ex he would get very sick so he had to stop. He said he sensed sadness from my ceiling in my room (possibly from my ex). What are the best methods to cleanse my house? He suggested a glasses of water in my house and candles either of blue, white or yellow. I was thinking of burning sage too. Overall, not so good energy from the bathroom, my Dad’s room, my room, living room and front door, the kitchen was fine for some reason. Oh and please help me understand his saying of mirrors absorbing or reflecting energy or something to that effect because we have some mirrors for walls in my house and more mirrors in my bathroom.
Thank you!


  1. Too much in one question. Meditate twice a day for ten to thirty minutes. Don’t drink, smoke or take any other intoxicants (coffee, cola) Get enough sleep, and eat as little meat and processed food as possible. Think positive….. always is impossible, but when you notice bad thoughts stop them without feeling guilty. All your questions will become clear in time.
    Note: Swirling colors are chakra’s

  2. not so good at this but i once read somewhere that one shud a ring a bell in every corner of the house..
    best to say love and light when you ring the bell..

  3. meditate, talk to the energy and tell it you’re not afraid of it. Focus on good energy and put imaginary forcefields around yourself. It really helps and i’m not trying to make fun of you. I put imaginary forcefields around my dog sometimes when he cries.
    If you have to move.

  4. Easy – stop believing all that stuff exists, because it doesn’t. Energy isn’t a thing in-and-of itself, it’s the ability to do work. It’s not something floating around, and ‘bad energy’ simply does not exist. Take it from a physicist – this is all in your head. As some who spent the last 10 years studying physics, this is as real and serious an answer as you’ll get.

  5. Well, the answer is clear. You need to cleanse your house of negative vibrations arising from magical thinking. The following ritual will work:
    1. Wait until the evening, and make sure the house is quiet. Light some candles. Any color will do.
    2. Sit in a comfy chair. It helps to have a lamp nearby. Also a cup of tea might be nice.
    3. Read Chapter 1 in the book, “The Demon Haunted World”, by Carl Sagan.
    4. Go to sleep, and repeat again the next night with the next chapter until the book is finished.
    At the end of this ritual, your house should be cleansed.

  6. Burn sage in every room, let the smoke diffuse into every corner. Leave the front door open to let the spirits out. Burning white candles helps. There are some stones which help absorb negative energy. Also, hang little bundles of sage over all the doors into the place.
    Ignore the skeptics who posted even though you asked them not to. Some people don’t have a life.

  7. I only see the soul, its kinda like reading aura except its you know with the soul and the concept is different. Instead of colors, we use size, shade, and behavior. Anyways, I’ve never heard of mirror reflecting energy. Parapsychology is science, mirrors are glass that reflect light beams, not energy. A good way to get rid of bad spiritual energy is to, if its just emotional, pray and equal it out with happiness like watch comedy shows and fill your house with laughter, or so ive heard. If its spiritual as in ghost, the preffered method is an excorsism or seianse (Im sorry i dont know how to spell it but you get the idea). There are people who can see souls even in the body, like me, and people who can communicate or send souls to the afterlife.

  8. I can understand your issue.Whether this energy is real or not, the mind does have a lot to do with things. If you believe the home has negative energy then you’ll feel it regardless if it exists or not. I personally have cleansed my home too when there has been a bad experience in my life or when I move into a new home. I just burn frankincense and myrrh incense and I’ll walk around the rooms creating a cross or a “t”. This process just eases my mind and frankincense & myrrh are supposedly symbolic of protection. Sage has been said to cleanse a room from spirits or ghosts, I’ve never used it however.

  9. I agree, there’s just one too many questions in here. I makes me very tired to read this. So, first of all, calm down. You’re okay and your house is okay.
    growing your gifts… I agree on meditation. It’s how I started. Dont’ expect it to happen right away or very fast. It’s a journey, a process, and you’ll be taken as fast as you can handle, but YOU think you can handle and what your guides and angels know you can handle, may be different. So there may be times when you’re going slower than you’d like to, but it’s for a good reason. If you push too hard, you’ll end up in a place you can’t handle, with things you don’t know how to handle.
    clearing energies… smudging is excellent for this, as is burning frankincense. Frankincense is very purifying, this is the one I prefer simply because it’s not as smokey. Burning sage will fill your house. If you burn sage, I’d suggest burning sage and lavender or sage and sweetgrass. The sage takes out the negative energies, the other one adds a positive. Lavender adds love, sweetgrass invites higher evolved beings, such as angels, who will add protection and love to your home. When you do it… wave the smoke into every corner, high AND low, in EVERY room (closets too), around every window and every doorway and around every mirror.
    the candles–use white ones, white is purity, and I’d agree about burning them. Burn them when you smudge and do a smudging (or incense burning) once a month. Burning candles adds “light” to your home, bright, positive loving light. It invites good beings into your home, such as angels.
    Your mirrors need cleansing. Wash them with water is what I’m hearing. Vinegar was also suggested to me once by a fellow medium.
    the spirit… that’s normal actually. Spirits are all around us and they’re usually attracted to those who can communicate with them. I’ve gotten some who stick around simply because they like me.
    which leads me ot my next suggestion. If you’re going to work on yoru gifts, learn protective techniques as well. Because when you begin to open up, you’ll also begin to attract things. YOu already are. So you’ll need to learn how to keep the bad stuff out. I’m hearing your friend can help you with this. But white light is the easiest. just see yourself surrounded by, above your head and beneath your feet, see the light infusing your body and aura as well.
    oh and I agree…the swirling colors are chakras.
    hope this helps?? Peace and love


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