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How can I help open my third eye?

I want to learn how to open my third eye but I’m not sure exactly how to do so. I looked this up in books but haven’t found anything that can really help. So if you can answer this thanks so much.


  1. Super glue a googly eye on your forehead and sooner or later your body will attach itself to it and youll able to see out of it.

  2. There is no literal “third eye.” The “third eye” you are referring to is called “insight”. It’s also known as wisdom. And if you had insight, you would not be seeking a “third eye.”

  3. meditate and focus your energy there. you will feel it start to tingle. there are meditations on you tube but i have found that meditating in my own way has been best.

  4. open up all your chakras then meditate in a peaceful setting and bring yourself to a meditated point..keep this going and you shall open your third eye in no time.

  5. Go to the doctor. Gather your medical insurance if you have any. If not then still go and see a Doctor to get the memo.

  6. Third eye, or Chakra, can be activated by concentrating or focusing on a single object (for example, removing all thoughts from the mind and focusing on your breathing.)
    You should do this in a room where it’s very very quiet, very very dark, and you should close your eyes and rotate your eyes upwards, as if you’re trying to look at a mosquito that’s on the middle of your eyebrows (with your eyes closed.) This helps activate that part of the brain.
    You can also make the ‘ohm’ sound that buddhists use in order to vibrate that part of your brain into activating it.
    The ‘third eye’ is nothing more than the pineal gland remember.
    Also, try to do it in a sitting position, even if you can’t cross your legs the same way as the yogis and masters do it. It’s better than if you’re laying down (you could just fall asleep if you lay down)
    Remember it may take a while to activate it. Some can do it in 5 minutes, but to others, it may take hours. It could also require weeks, months, or even years of practice but eventually, everyone should be able to do this type of meditation.
    Hope this helps!

  7. There are many excellent meditation techniques for opening the Third Eye and in this article I would like to introduce you to three of them. These three techniques have been successfully used for centuries to open and balance the third eye and thus, extract the benefits that such activation produces.
    1. AUM Mantra Chanting:
    The first meditation technique for opening the third eye is the AUM mantra meditation. This method exploits the use of the seed sound to open a particular center. The seed sound of the Ajna Chakra is the sound AUM. Chanting this sound directly influences the center and causes it to activate and open.
    To practice this technique sit up straight close your eyes and being to chant out loud the sound AUM. Make a long sound “OOOOOOOOOOOOO” and finish with a shorter “MMMMMM”. In addition to chanting this mantra, keep your attention fixed on the center of your forehead. This is location of the third eye and attending to this region will further enhance the effectiveness of this mediation.
    2. Silver Hammer Tapping.
    Another powerful method for opening the third eye, is be using the silver hammer technique. In this meditation, you will again use the power of attention by focusing on the center of the forehead, and will couple with the following breathing pattern.
    For this meditation, break up your inhalation into sixteen tiny sniffs, and with each sniff visualize a small silver hammer tapping the center of your forehead. Keep the sniffs very small so you can do sixteen to complete one inhalation. After you complete the inhalation, exhale in one breath and then repeat the pattern.
    The number sixteen is associated with the center so it is important to control your breathing to allow for sixteen sniffs.
    3. Alternate Nostril Breathing:
    A third technique which can be used to activate this center is the method of alternate nostril breathing. To this meditation, following the breathing pattern below.
    Close your right nostril and breathe in long, deep and slow through the left nostril. Also visualize the breath traveling in a straight line from the nostril to the center of the forehead. Then close the left nostril and exhale slowly through the right, this time visualizing the air leaving from the center of the forehead and out the nostril. Keeping the left nostril closed, now inhale through the right and then close the right and exhale through the left. All the time doing the visualization as well.
    You can start with ten rounds initially and then build up from there. This is a very powerful technique and you should not overdo it initially. Make sure you are not doing more that you can handle comfortably at any time.
    I also found this meditation helpful.

  8. @”I want to learn how to open my third eye but I’m not sure exactly how to do so. ”
    Try calling WHAT it really is and you’ll know.
    Try it again.
    ” I what to know how to allow my spirit to control my life.”
    Allow him/or her to connect to God through prayer.
    Hebrew 11:6.
    First you have to know who GOD IS.

  9. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. Repent of your sins. Go out and start talking about the New world Order and how they are forcing and seducing people to receive the spiritual mark of the beast through there secret ceremony performed through Transcendental meditation assisted with witchcraft. If you don’t start to see in the spirit realm you shall be in trouble. Beware of the New World Order / Nazis Within the Order / Satan’s Secret society. what do you get when you put the “Free” Masons & associates, Mafia & associates, and all witchcraft cults together? You get a sick, sick,sick family reunion! Get it(666)

  10. Close your two eyes and jump up and down six times and scream open,open, open, open, open, open and it will open right up..

  11. I wanted to open mine so that I could see the Sidhe or the Gentry. I don’t want to use the common name….because of obvious reasons. There’s a book called “Faery Teachings”, its all about opening the third eye. I bought the book, and honestly, it was a bit hard to read, I mean its like a college book, but after sometime it became really easy to understand. It goes through meditation techniques, and several other things including recipes you can use. You can buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Faery-Teachings-Orion-Foxwood/dp/0979140226/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1255727556&sr=8-1

  12. Blessed are the eyes that see what You see and the ears that hear what You hear Testified Messiah to The Apostles. Unless one is born of water and Spirit, The Living Waters one will not see the Kingdom of God and unless one does The Will of God in seeking The Will one will not enter The Kingdom of God for many peoples wanted to see and hear what The Prophets were shown, yet Blessed are those who not seen; yet have believed for faith is being sure of what one does not perceive as arrived as substance in the future. The future is The Resurrection and The Life to the fullest. Choose today whom you will serve, the One who gives Life abundant, or the whims of peoples thinkings which pass away like a wind.
    This is a gift that was to be sought is written, few there are that find it is written. Desire the greater gifts, the gift of God is eternal Life through faith in Messiah.

  13. The first thing I recommend is listen to the band Third Eye Blind and immerse yourself in the lyrics and maybe this will help. If you are having problem with the two that God has given then opening a third one might not be a good idea.

  14. Sounds like New Age crrrrap. Stay away from it. There is nothing in the Bible about opening our third eye. If it is not biblical – it is not good!

  15. You have to find the right answer for yourself, sometimes taking other persons advice can prevent you from accessing your 3rd eye.
    Sorry, if that is vague I can only tell you from personal experience. In regards to myself, I did not read books or have people show me… I simply was born with it. I did not know until later that most people did not have access such as myself. It was simply something that was part of my usual such as breathing. Not tell later others talking about it did I realize…
    Later when others, fakes, tried to tell me how to access it, I temporarily lost it… such as the experience, when having an ability and untalented persons trying to tell you how to perfect that ability.
    Once, I realized that I had the gift and did not search for others advice in how to further it… and had faith in myself and my abilities… it came flying back in a rage…
    Personally I have found most persons have it, at least up to the second year of life when they tend to lose it due to the interference of others… I was lucky, persons didn’t try to interfere until I was 18, which is when I started to lose it temporarily…
    So, on this I can only advise that it will come to you…

  16. Use WD-40. If that doesn’t loosen it enough to be opened, bang on it with a hammer. If it’s still jammed shut, you may need to use tools. I’d suggest a crowbar, maybe a Dremmel.


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