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How can I help my Wiccan friend?

I just found out today that one of my friends is a Wiccan. (I am to.) Her parents are VERY Christian, and she is afraid that if she tells them that they wont understand, or even punish her. I really want to help her, but I don’t know how. Do you have any ideas?


  1. She doesn’t need to tell them anything. If she’s a child and living with them she’ll have to abide by their rules until she’s an adult. Including going to church with them if that’s what they expect her to do. Her religious preference should be a private matter. When she is an adult, then she will be free to worship as she desires.

  2. The parents can’t really punish her on no grounds, that would be completely “immoral”. I would try being with her when she makes the announcement, so that she has someone to support her argument.

  3. Well, they just might not understand and they just might do that. So all you can do is share with her how nice it is to live a life true to yourself rather than under the constraints of fear…and be her friend.

  4. The best advice I can give you is to stay out of it, this matter is between your friend and her parents. Parents don’t like other people, let alone a friend of their child to tell them how to deal with family matters. If your friend still lives at home, she needs to honor her parents, their rules and she needs to be honest with them about all this. Their not going to like it, they certainly won’t condone it and as long as she lives under their roof they’ll not allow it. That’s something she’ll have to work out with them, on her own. You can be there to support her but otherwise leave it alone or in the end they’ll not allowing her to have anything to with you either.

  5. I used to be Wiccan. I can sympathize with the situation, but you need to know the facts. Wicca isn’t going anywhere good. I’m not saying that it is a “bad” or “evil” religion. I know all about it from personal experience. I followed it for years. I’m sure by now you know that your prayers won’t be answered and your “spells” won’t work (that is if you haven’t figured out that the religion isn’t at all about casting spells). This is because the religion is a flop. A fake.
    My life kept getting worse when I followed wicca. I wasn’t happy. This was God tugging at my heart. Telling me that I was wrong. Eventually I came around and accepted Jesus into my heart. Things started looking up. I’m happy now. Furthermore I can truthfully say there is one true God. He answers our prayers, He sent his son to Earth to die for our sins, he loves us. You will always be taken care of and happy if you follow the Lord.
    Don’t take this as preachy. I only want to share His love. You and your friend should search deep inside yourselves and pray to God for guidance. Your lives will change drastically for the better. If it ever gets hard and you want to talk, and maybe hear more of God and His love, I am always free to talk.

  6. DS…You’re an a$$!
    Anyway. She should always be honest and straight forward. It’s hard at a young age and having to deal with parents. If they forbid it in their house, she needs to abide by their decision. They are still her parents. Now remember, when working Craft, it’s all about intent and focus. Everything else (candles, herbs, etc.) is just to get the practitioner in the correct mind state. If she really needs to work craft outside of the house, then try that. Also remember this. When it comes to herbs, holistic medicine and herbology is an actual science that you can even receive degrees in and many universities around the country.
    If a Book of Shadows is needed, do an electronic one. If she has a laptop, she can download Theban font to her MS word (as long as she has winzip to unzip the file) and write her book in theban and then password protect it so no one can get in.
    And…before all you christians get all hot and bothered remember a few things. One…you’re not to judge so don’t. Two all this crap about not suffering a witch, before you start quoting old testament verses remember that most modern day christian believe that the old testament laws don’t apply because jesus fullfilled the law. So if you’re going to take the witch thing seriously, I expect to see you guys out there killing homosexuals, killing your parents if they do not believe in your mystical g-d, not wearing clothes of two different weaves and please give up watch/playing football, basketball and eating porkchops because trouching the skin of a pig, dead or alive is sinnful.
    BTW, it you are gay, I mean no disprespect, just using the verse as a reference.
    If you or your friend need any other advise, please feel free to contact me at airyeoman here on yahoo.

  7. A brief disclaimer: I don’t advocate lying, I really don’t … but …
    Religion (as long as it’s being followed safely and maturely) is nobody’s business but your own and keeping your beliefs quiet when you know that disclosing them will cause drama and tension is something totally acceptable to do. If her parents find out, that’s her problem, but there’s no reason to bring it up and invite unnecessary conflict into her life. Tell her to not say anything. Why does she feel the need to tell them anyway? If she’s interested in Wicca for the attention that is the wrong reason.
    Moving on, there are all sorts of ways she can go about this inconspicuously. Books can be hidden, computer files password-protected, internet history erased, tools stashed in a bag in a box in another box under the bed … There is no need for her to rub this in her parents’ faces. Can she keep things at your house? In her locker at school?
    The great thing about Wicca is that rituals can be performed with a shoe box altar, tea-lights from the dollar store, some representations of the elements found in your backyard and your hands. Your friend doesn’t have to have an occult shop spread out across her bedroom. She can also avoid elaborate rituals with a thousand glowing candles and the stench of a million incense sticks until she moves out and communicate with the gods in simple, subdued ways. The God and Goddess aren’t going to strike her down for doing the best she can.
    If you really want to help her, offer to hold on to her books when she doesn’t need them. Also, if her parents do find out and they do punish her and take her things away, tell her to suck it up, respect their wishes and wait until she’s an adult to worship however she wants. They do feed, clothe and house her after all.


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