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How can I heal myself of negative thoughts and energy?

I know we all get them time to time, but I’m trying hard every day to become less judgmental, biased, and focused on labeling and categorizing people and myself.
How can I be able to rid myself of negative energy I create and negative “residue” left on by others and start making myself a better person?
What are affirmations that work for you?


  1. Make two lists: 1 of the negative things about yourself and 1 of the positive things about yourself. Burn the list of negatives and then concetrate on the positive one. Recite them to yourself every day or whenever you start feeling down.

  2. read more of the bible and pray In Jesus’ name,,you have been giving the right to rebuke your thoughts in Jesus name…

  3. There was someone who wrote 13 different traits we should work on improving.
    Each week, focus on just one. At the end of the day, write every incident you can think of where you overcame that problem/or did what you hoped to.
    By the end of the year, you will have gone through all 13 traits 4 times, and hopefully have learnt something.

  4. sit down in a quiet room and close your eyes. visualize the things that you see wrong in yourself, and then imagine a cold wind blowing these things out of your mind, and out of your life. instantly you will notice results, do this every now and again, and then you’ll be the most optimistic person around, you’ll cheer your friends up, and you’ll make new friends.
    or option two is snuff lots of crack, but i would go with option one! *cough*
    hope this helps!!!

  5. Meditation, positive affirmations & creative visualization work for me.
    Also, following Joseph Campbell’s advice– follow your bliss.
    Whatever it is you love to do, make time to do it, even if it’s just a little while each day– enjoy it and revel in it, helps me have a more positive attitude.

  6. oh man this is too easy….
    set your mind on whatever is good…..
    your mind will form the new habit fairly quickly….
    think of Jesus Christ and your mind will be right and clear….

  7. Now bear with me, Warrior!
    You are a person of value and worth in God’s eyes and because of that you do not need to carry around the residue toxicity of negative people. A ritual as simple as steeping out into fresh air as you state to yourself ‘let not the residue of this persons toxicity be a burden to me. I cleanse myself of it as the winds brush by my body, in the name of the Most Holy. So Be it. Now make it so!!’
    Try it, Warrior and then move on to the cleaness necessary to your wellbeing!!
    Big Hug, menome b (Gramma)

  8. I ask myself the same question everyday. Some days I have great control over my thoughts and other days it gets overwhelming. Conquering your mind is probably the hardest thing to do regardless of what anyone says.
    A very wise man tells me that we are constantly attacked by five powerful enemies: Lust, Anger, Attachment, Greed, and Conceit. I find this to be so true. Everyday it’s a battle.
    The days I win are the days I start the day with complete focus. I plan out my day the night before and wake up early and pray. I go about my day according to my schedule. I try to eat good, go to the gym, help out where I can, try to learn new things (learning to play the guitar) and listen to good music as well as talk to people who inspire me to be the best I can.
    The wise man also said that conquering your mind is greater than having the strength of a 1000 men.
    The first step I would say is to be in good company. Your environment will probably have the greatest impact on you. If you hang around negative people, the negativity will have an effect on you especially over time.
    Try to stay active, learn new things, and strive to be the best you can be in all aspects of your life (Spirituality, Health, Family, Financial).
    I fight the same fight as you. You win some and you lose some but it’s always a learning experience.

  9. Have you seen the movie “What the bleep do we know?” It’s a documentary about quantum physics but it places a lot of focus on the power of our thoughts and how we create our own realities. One quote from the movie that really got me thinking…
    “It’s a wonderful idea…positive thinking. But what it usually means is that I have a little smear of positive thinking trying to cover up a whole mass of negative thinking.”
    So true.
    Then it goes on to talk about how our brains become accustomed to thought patterns and we need to work at re-training them to break those, even subconscious, negative patterns and replace them with desired positive ones.
    When using affirmations – use words like “I AM”. For example – “I am tolerant and accepting of myself and others” vs. “I will be” – state affirmations as if you already are what you wish to become, even if you don’t believe it at first, after enough daily repitition, you will re-train your brain to believe it.
    That’s a start. And check out the “What the Bleep” movies if you haven’t seen them! There is much food for thought on this subject included.


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