How can I heal myself from this?

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How can I heal myself with energy from a psychic attack that has happened for a while leaving me to slowly have organ dysfunction ?
Is there any possible way to “create my own reality” to be able to heal myself and if there is what would you recommend?

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Happy Penguin

I recommend a trip to the doctors followed by a trip to reality.

Ryan T



It is impossible to do such a thing

Friendly Neighborhood Atheist

It’s called a “coma”. And I wouldn’t recommend it.


You probably need to stop watching 80’s movies

rac (euro atheist)

You can’t because psychic attacks do not exist. If you have organ “dysfunction” then you need a doctor, not Y!A

Jay G

Rob, You cannot heal anything. You must turn to the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, He can heal you. These things are taken care of by prayer and supplication of the Christians near you. You need to seek out a Christian minister who will pray for you and a church (Assembly) who will also be faithful in their prayers also.

wild-man of Borneo

Look in the real world.
Self healing can only be perform at the highest level of the mind.
Unless one had mastered and perfect the Trinity with guidance of God in time.
Luke 4.23
What do you think?


– Pour your heart out to Jesus, then, go to the Elders in the Church & have them anoint you with Oil, lay hands on you & pray & then see what God does about your soft organs, All good things comes from Jesus.
– No matter what, God has a plan for your life. Be encouraged . . .


think positive


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