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how can i have a wiccan wedding when my family is christian, i dont want them to freak out?

I am engaged and me and my fiance are Wiccan. I know it’s ridiculous but i haven’t told anyone in my family. I discovered the Wiccan beliefs just about 6 months ago and i really feel at peace. I am planning on incorporating some traditional elements with Wiccaelements. Does anyone have ideas on how i can tell my family, have a wWicca ceremony (hand-fasting), and still keep the family calm and happy?


  1. Have a small intimate wedding with your friends who are open minded. Tell your family that you want to have a celebration that they will enjoy, then plan something that they feel comfortable with, such as a dinner and dance. Incorporate a lot of family traditions and involve them in the planning.

  2. I’m having a handfasting ceremony in my wedding, though I do consider myself christian. It was a part of my surname history and I want to represent and honor the old tradition. I simply told them (and my church) I’m having a hand fastening. I had to explain to my church that it wasn’t for religious reasons as yours would be (though you wouldn’t be having yours in a church) and I did explain to my family, but only when I was asked “why”. Frankly they understood it was something my fiance and I wanted to do. And yea actually I first got the idea when I studied Paganism for a school project on weddings, though I already knew it was part of my families ancestral history. I loved the idea and the meanings of the colors. However after accepting Jesus, I chose to still incorporate to include and honor my Irish/Scottish family history, now we’re just using the tartan of the family name we’re taking (mine).
    Good Luck and Congratulations
    I have to completely disagree with Jaded. I think that they will understand. It’s your wedding, it’s your special day, regardless of religious affiliation the most important thing is your happiness. Your family might be a little hurt and miffed and it might take them time to come around, but they will. They will not want to miss their daughter’s wedding.


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