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How can I have a math dream? Can the subconscious mind do math?

I dreamed that some young men were working on a design for a city enclosed by a dome. They were working out what happens when a projectile such as an asteroid or an enemy rocket hits the dome, skirts along the surface, and then leaves the area without penetrating the dome. They needed a mathematical description of what happens. So I told them how to solve it. (technical details deleted). Funny thing is, when I woke up I realised my solution was correct! How is this possible? When asleep the conscious mind is not working, that’s why most dreams don’t make sense. And my understanding is that tthe subconscious mind can’t do math, it is animalistic. So how could I come up with the correct solution while sleeping?


  1. I cant answer your question, but i remember when i studied for the SAT’s, the day before, I studied all the math that I needed to know. Then that night my mind went through many of the math problems and solutions. I could hear myself solving problems. So, I would like to know how that would happen also.
    And I think something like that happened to the author of “Gifted Hands” Ben Carson
    One more thing, i think that the subconsious mind has the ability to store all the infomation that you learned in life, so it might be able to help you think of the solution in your dream.

  2. Keep solving mathematical problems before going to bed and I bet you will have a maths dream for certain! True, the subconscious mind can do anything that the conscious mind has been doing before triggering the subconscious mind to act when the conscious mind is fast asleep!

  3. What you call as subconscious, conscious etc are different aspects of the same mind, and again, so demarcated by the mind itself !
    The process gets focused in one way, driven by a particular conditioning (called subconscious, conscious etc), and it works in that direction. What you call as dream state is just a perception, and in reality has nothing to do with the functioning of mind….. ! People consciously slip into that ‘dream-like’ state by certain meditative processes, and happen to employ the mind’s capabilities to a better extent !

  4. You are wrong. Have you ever heard of the expression “sleep on it?” I have found that the best way for me to slove problems needing an innovative solution is to learn everything I can about the facts, then totally stop thinking about it consciously and do something totally unrelated. Then in a day or two ideas just start popping in my conscious mind,

  5. The subconscious mind is more computerlike than animalistic. And many inventors have solved their problems using their subconscious. Don’t underestimate it.

  6. Some people dream while awake.
    Seriously speaking, I believe subconscious mind has all the capabilities of the conscious mind…. it is subconscious only due to the absence of real intent.

  7. There are two possible explanations.
    1. The subconscious mind DOES learn by repetition; and has learned math.
    2. The more likely answer is that since you remember the dream; that your conscious mind was not fully asleep; and the conscious mind calculated the answer.
    There are five different brainwave patterns
    Delta 0 – 4 HTZ
    Theta 5-8 HTZ
    Alpha 8-12 HTZ
    Beta 12+ 21 HTZ
    Those are the frequencies to the best of my recollection.
    Then Shamans, Enlightened Buddhists can have brain frequencies can go as high as 35 HTZ. I Don’t think the scientists have given this stage of mind development a name because it is encountered so rarely that up to a few years ago they were disregarding such readings as mistakes if the EEG monitors.
    Personally; I believe you were in the theta or alpha brainwave pattern instead of being completely asleep down in the delta brainwave pattern.

  8. Hi, sorry that I’m going to be that guy… But they don’t call it the sudconscience, its called the unconscious mind. It’s just a pet peeve of mine. Forgive me?


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