How can I have a liquor imported from Japan to the US?

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When I was in Japan last year I had a delicious drink called a Matcha Milk Cocktail (抹茶ミルクコクテール). I know in the US there is a green tea liquor called Zen, but in Japan there is a much better liquor called MilMix (ミルミクス) by Suntory. Is there any organization that could help me import a couple bottles of this liquor? It’s just for personal use and I am over 21.

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Small Town Guy

Suntory imports Midori to the United States. You would do best by going to your local liquor store and find out who the local distributor is for Midori. From there you can see if they can get the drink that you are fond of. Hope this helps.


Visit the company website and look up the contact information. E-mail them, asking who distributes in yours area.


They specialize in helping you purchase anything off from Japanese website, and forward to you! They have help me get not only nice Japanese sake, but also Japanese Tobaco as well for my bf…
They send to you internationally, they charge you service fee but its worth it, since now I can have anything I want direct from Japan and to my front door!


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