How can I guide my brother Mike back to the right spiritual path when he's been led astray by a fraud?

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by Gregory:

My wife and I introduced my youngest brother Michael to pranic healing about 15 years ago. During this time he was able to grow his spiritual chord from almost nonexistent to just shooting up stories high. He was the happiest I had ever seen him, full of prosperity, had a girlfriend he was in love with, and was becoming among the strongest healers I’d ever encountered. The problem is, our Master Choa, suffered physical death a few years back and this led my brother to a severe depression as this came suddenly. He was in shock and he could not accept the physical part of death especially when having to do with our Master and refused to try to communicate with his eternal life force and energy through prayer and meditation. He broke up with his girlfriend and met this woman who has mental problems as she comes from a broken family of divorce and drug addiction. She led him to Master Co and told him that he helped her in her life and that he should accept this fraud as his new master. He also began doing EFT, release technique, mase method, zpoint, and other programs which have no divine energy. For the past few years he has been talking only about the false Master Co and refusing to do real pranic healing. How can he disrespect our great Master of Masters? I feel his spiritual chord declining daily, and really I fear for him as he rejects my healings and cutting of chords of this fraud from him. When I am giving him healings from afar, I can feel him tossing them into his pranic circle of fire. What can I do? How can I lead him on the right path? I don’t want him to suffer in his next reincarnation, though I realize that this is a lesson he might need to learn on his own.

Answer by X-Y-Z
Stop brainwashing ur brother

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Mr. Jones

Someone call the exorcist.


The WALL (cough)! It’s suffocating me….!

We Wish to Buy Your Shoes

Leave him alone.


Leave him alone you can’t do anything if his name is not on the master list.


I have also connected with your brother and he is lost forever and ever. There will be no more reincarnations for him. I’m terribly sorry.
You, on the other hand, have a powerful connection to your Master Choa and will continue to heal for many years to come. Unfortunately both you and your brother do not believe in my true God, so you’ll both burn in Hell forever anyway! Sorry!

Death Machine 666

You probably don’t realize it, but you seem to be a complete Nutter. The belief in that insanely stupid crap is not just a problem for your brother, but for you as well. The blind leading the blind.


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