How can I go about publishing tarot cards?

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I’m still working on the details here: (
I am an anthro artist who is finding other talented artists to create a way to donate for a cause (which cause is still unknown) and we were going to make a deck of tarot cards and sell them at conventions and online. Is there a publishing company that could help us create the cards/boxes? And how much would it be?

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I would try asking that question over at the Tarot forum.


You have broadly three options. You can literally print and cut your own cards – which is time consuming, hard work, and may not get you the results that you want. You can pay a playing card printer to make them (Cartes France is one that can do the job) but this will require a very large print run with a BIG initial investment.
Finally, there is the print on demand option. There are very few POD companies that produce playing cards (I know of only a couple in the US) and only one of these guarantees registration (this is the position of the image on the card). On the plus side, each pack will be a little under $7 (cheap for a small print run), on the down side they may not make boxes that size (but do ask, they may be able to at an additional cost) and they only produce Poker card sizes.


The Game Crafter offers print on demand tarot cards too. Designers can choose poker size cards (2.5″ x 3.5″) or jumbo cards which are much larger at 3.5″ by 5.5″. They do offer custom printed tuck boxes for poker size cards but do not have boxes for the jumbo size as of yet.
Personally, I like using The Game Crafter because the process and website are really simple. Several other designers have released their decks thru the site too. (The TaRat, BlueDogRose, Trionfi. Overall, they look great so it’s great that we finally have an easy way to self publish our decks.)


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