How can i give reading with Tarot cards?

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hope thats better 😀 please explain or give me site

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Pigpen 1

you just make stuff up like everyone else dose…………………..


Look at the person who wants a reading. Tell them what they want to hear.
It’s all hogwash, so you’ll be just as good as anyone else.
Please tell me you don’t really believe in it.

Hi Kids !

beware the Death card


You get a deck of tarot cards and study them according to the book that you get. You can also try locating someone in your town who knows how to read them to have them teach you.

Auntie Christ [stuporstar]

I’d suggest the following to get you started:
Buy a deck, preferably one based on Rider-Waite symbolism to start (it makes learning the symbolism easier as a beginner). There are many beautiful decks based on the Rider-Waite system, and go with one that you feel good about. You can order them off of Amazon, ebay,, and in some bookstores like Borders.
Visit some good quality websites with good quality tutorials:
Buy some good quality books also:
“Tarot for Yourself”- by Mary K. Greer
“Learning the Tarot”- by Joan Bunning
See if any of the metaphysical shops in your area put on beginners tarot classes. A lot of them do, and they can really help what can be frustrating on your own.
There are many resources out there, but as someone who has read for about 14 years, they are good ones.
Best of luck to you.


get a rider-waite tarot deck. study each card and get a feel for the symbolism.
read this book, with your deck nearby for reference:
these are the classics. too much of the modern stuff about tarot is fluffy dreck designed more to sell books and useless ornamental decks than to really help you understand the significance of the cards.


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