Home Discussion Forum How can I get to see auras? And chakras?

How can I get to see auras? And chakras?

I want some tips. Please?
I don’t care if you say I’m crazy. Since caring about such a irrelevant answer would be…a so-called way of losing my precious time.


  1. You have to be born more attune to the earth than most people. Either you have it or you don’t, you can’t simply turn on a genetic anomaly.

  2. First, we don’t see Chakras. They are whirling energy centers in our bodies.
    To see an aura, look at a person and squint your eyes. You may see nothing at first. Keep trying and you may begin to see aura colors. Some people never see aura’s. I see them only when I close my eyes and then I see vivid colors of the person I am thinking of.


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