How can I get the word out to all succubi that I want to visited by them all?

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You already have.
They only ‘visit’ (lol!) those who don’t wish their presence. ‘Tis the nature of evil you see, they don’t do things to PLEASE others – that would, by definition, be of good nature.

Sweet thang

ummm? put a ad in the paper? Visit your local crazy witch or the “Phsycic” down the street.


1. Visit your local bordello
2. Open the door in a flashy manner
3. Sing a song of six pense
7. ????


I am guessing this is a teenage boy. Sorry Son, they don’t do requests.
Oh, and by the by, a succubus steals your soul with their little sex act. If all of them visited you, you would not only be insane,but your soul would be trapped in Hell. And legend states the sex isn’t even pleasurable. Like, you don’t like it…good.


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