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how can i get supernatrual powers, or to be more pacific dark powers like wiccan black magic white magic?

i want to be able to do things beyond this world but also be in control but to do that i need to understand how to control spells and everything else there is to being into wiccan spells black magic and white magic so can anyone help me? i want to be able to do dark evil spells.and some love spells of course.


  1. It’s impossible. You are what you are and will never gain supernatural powers. Magic doesn’t exist and neither do “dark powers”.

  2. “i want to be able to do things beyond this world but also be in control”
    Then go to school and get an education.
    Then you can come back and read your question again and realize just how stupid you looked to have asked such a thing.
    “Dark powers” and “magic”. Jeeezzzz….

    • U idiot just because u can’t see magic doesn’t mean that magic is not real …magic is inside u… What you have to do is just believe… And did you know magic never come to those who doesn’t believe in it….

  3. ……….er…..lemme put it this way: when the townspeople found all the wooden carved idols broken to bits, they became frightened and enraged…they finally came upon Abraham and asked him; do you know what happened to our religious artifacts..our idols of worship?
    Abraham said something to the effect of: You speak to them daily, and you claim they talk to you as well…go ask them.
    tell you what: why don’t you just find someone with all this so called power…apparently a sould NOT suffering from the current world condition, and have THEM teach you the craft.
    you just need to find one. just one.

  4. For you to be supernatural you have to have faith and believe in God who is supernatural.that the only power which has controls because the lest you will not be able to control

  5. Do you want eternal life?
    Turn from sin and wickedness and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and you shall have eternal life.

  6. Magic can require years of dedicated study and practice just to become adept at it, let alone exceptional.
    There is no such thing as “black” and “white” magic– magic is energy, it is neutral. The principles behind all magic are the same.
    The Wiccan Rede says to harm none, so any magic for
    – boosting your own ego by feeling all “powerful”
    – hurt or interfere with other people
    – irresponsible selfishness without considering the impact on others
    This would all be forbidden in Wicca, so you are asking the wrong crowd.
    No one can learn to control anything with magic until they learn self control first. Good luck with that.

  7. answer: Nice troll question! You hit all the highlights of uninformed twits who think Charmed and The Craft are real. Congrats! You forgot to ask about voodoo dolls and levitation though.

  8. the only color magic comes in is octarine. sry.
    if you had the capacity to do any of the things you want, you wouldn’t need to come trolling around here. give it up.

  9. You need a mentor or to start small and then move on to bigger stuff. Don’t be afraid to ask other practitioners for help.

  10. Of course you can gain the dark powers!I can guarantee it.But only some minutes and you can have it later also.
    To gain the power,
    the only thing you have to do is get some sleeping pill & have nice dream…gudnite..

  11. You say magic is not real! I want to know how it is possible that I can curse someone and predict some things which is unnatural and see the future. Some of you wont believe me so what I don’t care and guess what something else my grandmother can speaks to the dead people who haven’t found peace yet and believe me demons are real I have witness it.

  12. truth is we all got a dark inside us that we want out to get power from the evil energy inside an well like others dont understand what u desire but yes it is possiable if u believe it an well some might say that its impossiable or fake or that u are an idiot but truth is their all blind to see wts reality an wts fantisy demons are real right an trust me if u have hatred in you or even a lil bit of darkness in u than thats all u need all u got to do is learn to mature that energy an well im still trying to find the same thing as u the power of hatred which is darkness an well dont stop looking for what u want always try an try to get it cuz at the end it is ur path that u choive to go


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