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how can i get some male to make a toe wiggling video for me?

i’m trying to find a 18 yo or above male make a toe wiggling video for me. its nots adult just i like to use it for meditation. its from the zen library for focing.
its not particularly fetish it would be in avi or quicktime is what im looking for nothing being squished just have the soles facing the cam and the toes being wiggled. this is mainly for some guy who is bored and has cute feet. as for pay my thanks is what im asking as im a broke school student.
what i mean is im looking for a guy over 18 years of age to make a video for me to use in my zen focusing exercises if anyone is interested email me at kristawiccan2007@yahoo.com
im still looking for some male to amke a toe wiggling video of me with his feet facing the cam soles exposed and wiggle his toes for about thirty seconds. i use this for meditation purposes, not erotic


  1. What is it with these “fetish” videos? Do you want them to squish things in between their toes too? “its from the zen library for focing.” You mean it for my sick fantasy to pleasure myself to some young guys toes.


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