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How can I get rid of witchcraft in the Sims 2 Apartment life?

I just got the Sims 2 Apartment life I don’t want to install it yet because I want to know if I can get rid of the Witchcraft somehow. I don’t really like it and I just don’t want it in my game any way I can disable it??


  1. You can’t exactly…. Just do what I do, ignore the witches! Don’t become friends with them, pretend they don’t exist… If you change your mind, befriend them and ask them to “teach me the path of light/darkness.” Hope this helps!

  2. I don’t like the Witches either. Or Vampires.
    I never interact with either of them, and I make it so all of my Sims are turned off by them. Over time they hardly ever appear in my game anymore.
    You can’t disable them, and if you use cheats or hacks to kill them the game just creates new ones.
    Just ignore them as much as possible. But having your sims being ‘turned off’ by them really seems to help them not appear.

  3. I have Nightlife and it has vampires. I’m assuming its close to the same thing. Don’t get bugged by them. If you see them, don’t talk to them. And if you actually become a witch you can use cheats to fix it. In Nightlife I can use a cheat to make them normal again.

  4. Yeah..i also hate bad witch in my apartment life, as she’s always summoning bugs and cockroaches and when my sims see it, they will cry..i think there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it..just ignore them but if you’re a witch, you can buy some Witchbegone potion or just do it with your witchcraft to become a normal sims..

  5. No I dont think you can disable it. I have never been able to become a witch without using cheats. The witch people don’t come around a lot unless you use this one cheat where you tell the witch lady to come and you max their relationships then the witch person turns your sim into a witch. So youll never come across witchcraft unless you use the one cheat.

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