Sunday, September 26, 2021

How can I get rid of the negative energy from my body? I feel stressful and depressed.?


  1. Exercise is definitly good. playing with your pets and children. Fresh air, lots of water. and looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you are worth it. Personally I love walking in the woods and sweat lodges. aromatherapy is good along with meditation and prayer. It’s all up to you. GOOD LUCK.

  2. A good yoga practice helps open the blocked nadis (or energetic pathways in your body). Especially vigorous practices. You may also want to work with pranayama, you can find a teacher or there is also a lot of literature online. Sage, either in incense or spray form, is a good energy clearing scent.
    A short meditation practice that includes mala beads (you can recite mantras that would help clear energy)…..I’m just giving you the things that have helped me when I needed it. Namaste

  3. There are many alternatives to releasing stress: meditation, yoga, massage, fasting, cleansing, steam bath, aroma therapy, oil essences, reflexology, acupuncture, exercise, breathing therapy, visualization, energy balancing etc. Have fun studying.

  4. Are you being exposed to too much electromagnetic energy? Do you sleep with an electric blanket, have electrical appliances going near your bed when asleep, have a major source of power or power lines near your house, school, work? Is your house built with steel framing as well? Turn off your appliances, limit exposure to electromagnetism. I knew a guy once who worked in a bar with lots of poker machines and he was really negatively overloaded and was stressed and depressed.


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