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How can I get rid of negative energy in my house?

My late husband was involved with a lot of unsavory things and left terrible negative energy in our home. He died in February but the horrible negative energy is still here.
Also, our next door neighbor, who hated my late husband, is directing an incredible amount of negative energy towards us. After my husband died, the neighbor started talking to my 22 year old son and 19 year old daughter, saying now that my husband has died he wanted to be friends, and it was around 2 months later that we found out he was gossiping all over town about us and still is.
He seems obsessed with my family, especially my 19 year old daughter who is very pretty, and he has been showing up at work, (She works in the local mall) and watching her.
We feel this terrible negative energy coming from him too, and it seems to be filling our house. We all feel this terrible despair a time, even my 12 year old daughter and we need to be able to turn back and get rid of this terrible negative energy surrounding us. Any suggestions? My children and I would really appreciate it.


  1. So, the neighbor is a stalker. I would call the police first and have him arrested or watched and talked to by the authorities.
    The neg is in your mind, you are not in a haunted house. If you feel like this maybe you need to move to another house, but again it will follow you because this is what you are thinking about all the time.

  2. Goin to each room of your house and pray. Demand that the negativity leave in the name of Jesus. Do the same in your yard also. Did you know you are stronger then anything evil? In Jesus’ name.

  3. First of all negative Energy can’t you say bad people to be simple but the way you are asking he is stalking you and your family my best thing to do is move if that can;t happen ignore him and report this to police ok watch all your kids ok good luck

  4. Talk to the police about the neighbor stalking your daughter, from what little info you have given, he is maybe a potential rapist. He has already proven himself to be a stalker. Give your children mace and teach them how to use it. You and your son should buy a handgun each and take a class how to use them. Obtain Handgun Carry Permits. If possible move to a new location. I fear for the welfare of your daughters. The negative energy you feel is pure EVIL intent to do harm. Something bad is going to happen unless you do something. Protect yourselves through prevention and education.

  5. First some common sense – go straight to your neighbour and tell him to stay away from you and your family, that if he goes near you you will file harassment charges. Tell him the next time he wants to start gossip, make very sure it’s true or he’ll be faing more charges of defamation. There has to be a paper trail, just in case he does begin stalking your daughter. That’s just to cover you legally. Put in a complaint with the police if need be so he knows you are serious.
    Now to get to the rest.
    Take a new plain white candle, put it in a glass (drip some wax at the botton to hold it in place. Fill it half with water. Light the candle. let it burn until it gets to the water and burns out. You then dispose of ALL parts. Do this three nights running, You’ll feel the difference when the air clears, when the negative lifts. When it does, it’s enough (so if it was after the first time, don’t have to repeat it, etc).
    I lived in a house where Black Magic waspracticed, and was tormented every night by demons and nasties warping into and out of everything, they hurt me, and my husband (who is a non-believer completely). The bedroom was the worst. I tried everything, praying, anointing walls, the works, and nothing worked till I did this, and it was so simple.

  6. Negative energy is real…. Those who have never experienced it are lucky and will not understand.
    You can bless your home. I have done it. I’m a huge fan of using sage to cleanse my home. I also bless my home with either blessing oil or protection oil. Here is a link or two below to show you how to use the sage.
    While using the sage, you can carry a Bible around with you, and I usually say a prayer asking God to bless my home. I ask him to cast all evil out of my home and tell the evil/negativity/demon to never return, because my home is protected by a strong and very protective God. Use your own words, just make sure you believe them. You may want to anoint the entrance to your door/s and windows with blessing or protective oil so the spirit doesn’t return. BTW…some use salt to anoint. I’ve never done that. If it helps to set your spiritual mood…light a white candle.
    You can also use the sage for yourself and your children. Don’t forget your hands and your feet. They also have white light protection spells you can use. Good luck….
    I agree with a couple of the others. There is no earthly way a man would be stalking my child. I think he needs to know it could get very ugly if he doesn’t back off. Make sure you mention what is going on to the police. They need to be made aware of your concerns. Don’t expect much from them though, because so far…the only thing your neighbor is doing is gossiping. He hasn’t made threats, attacked you, etc. You can’t arrest someone for gossiping and I don’t even think they will give you an order of protection. Also, if you tell the police he shows up at the mall while your daughter is working, they will tell you since it’s a public building there is nothing they can do. Make sure your daughter remains aware, park under lights, has her keys ready when she heads toward her car, and you may want to get her mace or pepper spray. Teach her how to use it. There are a ton of defense classes out there, as well. Blessings….

  7. Sage is good for dispersing negative energies, burned as insence. Or you could use visualisation to cleanse it through mediation


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