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How can I get over depression without medical help?

My major concern is that these days I find it hard to do my regular Yoga, Pranayam and meditation. My mind just doesn’t stay.
I am losing interest in music, thinking, reading and writing which I once enjoyed. Find it hard to concentrate on studies.
I am home-sick. I want to get back to my country and my people.
Feel very very lonely though I have a few very good friends. I have lost faith in love. Find it hard to trust God and His people.
I have always been a person who has had perfect control on my mind and emotions. But now, I feel helpless, defeated, betrayed, lonely and want to run away from myself.
And thanks for listening to the long story.
Checked out many websites on depression, but in vain.
My age? I’m 17.

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  1. Depression signs would be more severe than what you describe. You may just need a change of scenery. Take a vacation by yourself and do different things altogether. You are a wonderful person and you are entitled to feeling a bit of trouble every now and then. Everything will be allright. And don’t mix GOD into your depression. He wants you to be happy.

  2. NO. DO NOT DRINK. You MUST get medical help, or tell someone so they can find help for you. DEpression can sometimes be fatal, so save yourselfs by following this advice. You can also sleep more, take walks in beautiful places, but please find medical help or someone to tell.

  3. You have to find in yourself what you love about yourself. Find a new interest and put all effort into it. Make it something you can be proud of when you are finished.


  5. God is the #1 answer and if just trust and believe and hang in there he will see you through all your troubles no matter how bad the situation may seem for you. Drinking may help you forget for the moment but it will all be there when the buzz is gone. Been there done that

  6. I have just the thing! Get a volunteer job in a field you really enjoy, it will change your life. It worked wonders for me. People are really nice to volunteers and you can use it as a job reference.

  7. Sindhu,
    You have said much here. You don’t say your age, but you may be young. You may be going through a temporary tough time that all younger men face. Losing control that you once had can be very frightening, but is actually part of life. You may have outgrown things you once enjoyed and it may be time to explore again like you did when you were much younger. It is good that you have some good friends. Not all men do. But it is OK not to have perfect control over one’s mind and emotions. Let go of control a little and get to know what is in you. Perhaps read “Care of the Soul” by Thomas Moore.

  8. hmm..
    well, first of all you must realize that you are not alone. other people do care and surely will help if they know you need help. Sometimes if mental interests pale you need to go out and clear your head with some physical activity. a walk, dinner out, shopping, anything out of the house, out of the ordinary to be new and refreshing.
    I wonder where home is for you and where you are now.
    As long as you live you are not alone or defeated. Why betrayed? did someone abuse your trust?
    Try talking to a friend. making new friends, talking so someonone, ANYONE. Do not let yourself get so down, there are ways to snap out of depression, mostly by simply changing something small.
    even us strangers here care.

  9. go shopping buy lots and lots and sent it back home or make a scap book of your home remembering all the good times

  10. First of all, I am so sorry for what you are going through. I suffer from Bi-Polar 2, which means I suffer from more lows than highs. From my experience I say you need to seek therapy maybe an anti-depressant. Losing interest in what you love is a big sign. How you described your emotions as “helpless, defeated, betrayed, lonely, and want to run away from myself” is even bigger. Needing help isnt a sign of weakness but of strength of character. Do it for yourself, you need this.

  11. Am I right to say u live in India??? Then Ayurveda should help? Im trying to to to a ayurveda retreat in Kerala for a total R&R, but I hear Ayurveda is excellent for depression. Why dont you try & let me know.

  12. You are feeling like this because you are thinking like this. Just start thinking other way and you will start feeling better. Start keeping track of your thoughts, whenever you feel that negative thoughts are coming to mind, throw them out.
    Make new friends wherever you are, you may find good people everywhere. Start meeting more and more good people. Have some kind of creative hobby. Don’t give up your yoga and pranayam, infact increase the time for that.
    Concentrate little more to your studies; I feel this is the only motive of being away from your home place.
    Don’t listen sad ghazals for few days.
    And let me share a secrete with you, most of us are gone through this phase at your age. Take it as it is.
    And a very important thing, share all of your feelings with your parents. Only they can understand you better.
    All the best wishes from me. Keep smiling and have fun.

  13. Sindhu – I am wondering how you know so much about depression to even diagnose yourself. I think you know that medical attention is necessary. This is affecting your whole life. Seeking God is something that is always good. But if you had a broken leg would you try to treat it without medical attention? This is not a casual passing of depression. When it hits like you are describing it usually gets progressively worse. If your 17 there is medical help without taking medication, although it can be very helpful. Therapy methods are very affective in treating depression. Don’t try to do this on your own. There are many things to do on your own to help, but this sounds like you need help to get over this pain and back onto being yourself again.
    You can contact me if you want anymore direction on getting good quality treatment. I know exactly how you feel and have been there myself. It is very good that you are reaching out. Don’t stop, there is help for you.

  14. Serious depression can’t really be fixed without some sort of medical help–it’s an imbalance in your brain, and nothing you can fix by yourself.
    How long have you been away from home? At 17, I was starting college and having trouble adjusting to my surroundings. Have you gone through a major life change recently?
    If you’re having trouble concentrating and losing interest in things, you may have a real problem. Talk to your friends. Spoil yourself a bit–find a beautiful place, eat some good chocolate, read a great book. If this doesn’t get better in a reasonable time, you’re going to need to see a professional.
    You say you’ve always had “perfect control” of your mind and emotions–I don’t know anyone that can say that. Don’t assume that you always have ultimate control over everything–give some of that up and some of your anxiety may pass. You sound to me like you are adjusting to a new phase in your life and it’s making you feel a bit ambivalent about things. That’s normal. But if your symptoms get worse or persist, then you could really have something the matter–perhaps you’ve even been stifling it and now can’t do that anymore for whatever reason. If it’s serious, please get help. You don’t even have to see a therapist if you don’t want to, many general practitioners can give you a hand.
    Whatever you do, do NOT attempt to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs or anything else. That makes everything worse.

  15. find out what is the thing that is bothering you that youa are feeling depressed, helpless and lonely. you say you want to go to your country, are you feeling unwelcomed whereever you are staying?. Are you having problems to find a job? Is your famil away from you. Depression will solve nothing it will get worse if give up. to control it get out go places meet your friends think about happy moments. whenever bad feelings come back just leave everything and get out go somewhere do shoping or listen to happy music . call some friend and talk to them . If you have honest friends talk to them what is bothering you if not just talk about fun.

  16. Hey sindhu,
    I know how u feel, and been there before, let me put it down to a few simple things to help you, i assume ur indian like me and outside the country for studies or something….anywz
    1. Just rememeber first that the time will pass yaar …..
    2. Try to close your eyes whenever your depressed and think of the best thing u did when u were in your country,,, a trip with friends, family this and that etc ……
    3.dont try to force yourself to do yoga, this and that if the feeling is not from inside okay………
    4. Hey friends are alwz few in number trust me, the best friends in your life, you would be able to count in one hand…….
    5. ur still in control of urself come on whatever makes you think that …hello ……relax dont get hyper …..
    6. lost faith in love, why is that, even i lost love but never faith in it …..come on trust me i can feel what ur feeling and it get better ….i hope for you and for me also hahahah
    7. helpless, defeated, betrayed, lonely and want to run away from myself…………..nahhh come one i dont think u really know all the worlds cause running from yourself doesnt help you actually ………and pls betrayed we all been at sometime in our lives i have been ..so relax it will pass babz…..
    8. Remember at the end of the tunnel there is alwz light, so wait for the good times …………
    bye and take care
    drop in a line if you feel like it my email is ……aqua_java2k@yahoo.com
    thanks for reading this long reply hahhahaa…..and plsssssss no stupid stuff like drinking, gettng stoned it only increases the pain trust me ……


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