How can I get numerous succubi to visit me nightly?

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Tyler M

go to the nearest redlight district


Spread some semen around your room, maybe that will attract them.


During the summer, cover yourself with honey and dance in the backyard naked.
After the mosquitoes (who are female) are done, then the succubi come and finish the job.


Getting one is nearly impossible, getting more is impossible. They aren’t social and they won’t share their meals. It may seem like from fantasy or dungeons and dragons that there a harem of succubi would be fun but they are killers, they are demands and they will kill you by taking in your energy. They take in your life energy and leave you changed. You become addicted to their touch and visits. Forget about this idea. It’s VERY dangerous!
Hope this helps!


You might think this stuff is a joke, but it is not. And if you send out such strong requests, you might get what you ask for..which i doubt you will like.


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