How can i get my husband more interested in tantra?

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I tried leaving books around and he doesn’t read. I tried showing him internet sites and video he was not impressed. I tried telling him how much i want it. Any other ideas?

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i dont even know what tantra is.

The Flash

Be careful with that Tantra stuff. My sister-in-law lost a Tantra stone up her poop chute for a while. She was crying when if finally popped out.


wow…he’s nuts
I would love a tantra partner 🙂
contact me through profile to exchange emails


Leave your husband alone… make yourself a professional and teach him the good stuff…surprise him with your knowledge but do not force him to get into tantra because you will fail!


Try making him read the following web page – sure shot he will and you too will enjoy.


Tell him the benefits, don’t let him find out by himself, be clear and direct.
Sensations, orgasm duration, recovery time, increase of strength and number of events a day/week, etc.
Like selling a car honey


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