How can I get high through meditation?

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I read an article about “Psychedelic Meditation” which is suppose to give you a high from meditating:
As I cannot afford to buy the e-book, could somebody please explain to me how this works or better still send me a copy of the book?

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Meditation isn’t exactly used for that…but considering that meditation and drugs both shift your perception of reality I see why someone has written the book….


Smoke some creeper about a half an hour before you meditate

Jam eater

Meditation can give you a high, however, this can be seen as a distraction, not good for the percieved highest form of prayer.

Maryanne L

I would not call it a high, although it may very well be a high point in your life when you can do it properly.

Worst Answer

That is obviously a scam. Meditation is the OPPOSITE of getting high. You are stoned right now. Meditation is a way to clear your mind of the illusions (drugs) of the world. If you really want to get high, without the chemicals, just go to church.

Phantom Farmer

I’ve gotten high from meditation, though it took a couple years of deep meditation technique for me.
Prior to that, I was a daily marijuana user. As an experiment, after also having some astral projection experiences, I quit smoking herb for six weeks and intentionally tried to tap into causing a THC type reaction in my brain through deep meditation. I was successful after around two weeks, and I’m talking VERY successful, though it took about an hour to get the desired effect, which would last for around 4 hours afterward.
It was pretty amazing.
Perhaps it was some kind of placebo effect, or maybe I had smoked so much weed for years that I had somehow stored up some THC in my brain (if that’s possible), but either way, I definitely got mega blazed.
After the six weeks, I went back to smoking marijuana, so to not have to carve out an extra hour to get high.
As far as technique goes, well, it’s kind of hard to explain. I think that if I had not already been meditating regularly for a couple years prior, developing a lot of personal technique around how I access parts of my mind through visualization and what not, it probably would not have happened nearly as easily.
I’m a self proclaimed psychonaut, and I have taken many strides to see what all my brain can do when I point my intention potently. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised many times over the years.
My best advice is to just explore your own mind with as many meditation techniques as possible and see where it takes you.


Go to and you can get some free downloads and listen to the free meditation radio station and also sign up for a free monthly live call to meditate. This is a bliss meditation also.


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