how can i get faster or better at reading Auras?





its a little weird when i get caught staring at someones forhead, will i get faster, will i get better, how when?


  1. Please don’t mind the people that say others are ignorant. If you can prove that there is such a thing as auras or anything else paranormal, there is a million dollars waiting for you. Really.
    Money talks…

  2. Please don’t mind the ignorant. Aura most certainly DO exist. They have been measured, photographed, and are useful in many ways.
    The more you practice, the better you “can” get at seeing the “colors”. It is a mystery to me how others cannot see them. Even though I cannot see them in more then 10-15% of people.

  3. People don’t emit auras, sorry to break it to you. (if this is even what you’re talking about, What i got out of this question is auras and staring at people’s heads)

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