Home Discussion Forum how can i get a Succubus in world of warcraft?

how can i get a Succubus in world of warcraft?

my charecter in wow is lvl 20 and everything but which warlock trainer do i talk to, to get one?


  1. I’m at work so unfortunately I can’t give you the exact route for Horde but from what I can make out of the clips:
    “Horde Warlock Succubus Quest walkthrough … Your trainer should send you to the same guy as before in the magic quarter of the Undercity.”
    WoWWiki is an excellent source for questions to be answered:
    Good Luck and be careful of her whip!

  2. Go to Stormwind, then to the warlock place in the Slaughtered Lamb (gotta love that name). Talk to Gakin the Darkbinder for the quest. You will have to travel far so have a group of people or a couple of high levels escort you if you like. I made it all the way by myself, but got scared at the Crossroads in the Barrens and waited for some friends to help me with this quest.


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