How can I focus my tarot readings on a specific future outcome instead of my evolving feelings about it?

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I have been reading tarot cards for a little over a year now. Right now I am involved in a highly selective admissions process, and I would like to focus my readings on the outcome of this process. I feel like many of my recent readings have only reflected my developing anxiety and dread over the process itself. My skill level is amateur at best, so I would really appreciate any suggestions that would help me focus my readings on long term outcomes.

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You realize tarot is bullcrap, right?


Just don’t do that’s bad..there is a higher power..Jesus..and He loves you more than anyone ever can.


Never try to read yourself


Don’t focus on the now, think on the future and EXCLUSIVELY the future, or switch up the spread you’re using. The format may not be right for what the Tarot is trying to tell you.
Another thing:
It’s fine to do a reading for yourself as long as you are clam and detached when you do it. If you’re feeling stressed, the out-come will be slightly skewed… Though it may be comforting and confidence boosting.


If you know the routine then you just need to take a few breaths and try to subconsciencely withdraw yourself and let the spirits guide the cards. Your anxiety will only disrupt your energy pattern and the reading you give will be affected.
Learn some good breathing skills to calm your nerves and helbal tea helps with your level of spiritual awareness.
I hope that what you meant and I hope that helps.
Good Luck……You will be fine.
UPDATE: You should never try to read yourself. Your wishes and wants cloud the reading and your future is predicted from what you wish and not so much what will happen.

Pirate AMâ„¢

You can not. Humans are limited to seeing about 1/10 of a second into the future. Anything else is wishful thinking and stands in the way of working on your weaknesses.
Reading the “future” is the solace of the unprepared. Your focus should be on how you can improve your chances or on working (not reading) your future.

synaptic distress

Make sure you are sitting facing the closest earth axis pole. So in the northern hemisphere you should face north while in the southern hemisphere you should face south. If you are on the equator you will not be able to make an accurate reading and should travel north or south a little way (at least half a degree of latitude).


Sounds like no matter what you do, the spirit is not going to tell you what the future hold in regards to this issue.
This is not uncommon for it is part of the lesson one is faced with at that moment in life.
It could be that you lesson is to stop the feelings of worry, anticipation and the like.
There are also ‘futures’ that are not yet determined and when that is the case, nothing could give you a definitive answer, so one just has to wait it out.
Good Luck

Sadhara Satguru

When trying to gain insight for yourself via tarot you have to be able to be objective, curious about the outcome & devoid of emotions & expectations. So not always that easy to do is it?!
You can pretend that you are someone else as say how will this situation end for — your name –.
Join us if you wish any help with your tarot study. Link below x


you are exactly right, the problem with reading for self is that cartomancy works due to attraction, so your strongest drive at the time of shuffling and layout will tend to influence the card, as will a desired outcome.
you could try getting a friend to do the shuffle for you if you can not get a grip on wayward emotions.
probably though the best way is to get someone else to read for you, if you read perhaps you could offer an exchange


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