Home Discussion Forum How can i find what's my aura color?

How can i find what's my aura color?

How can I read aura colors?


  1. You need to go to a spiritualist your aura can change depending on your energy or situation. yo can google Auras for info.

  2. I’m not really sure aura colors exist.. You can probably find a bunch of people/sites that will tell you, but there’s no way to tell if it’s true or not. ( my guess being that it’s NOT true.)
    But then again, I believe in magic.. To some extent.. So who knows? ;D
    Good luck on finding the impossible~

  3. I’ve read that there are many different aura colors that we have.
    For example purple stands for spirituality.
    Blue stands for patience/calm.
    Green stands for health.
    And so on.
    I believe in auras myself.

  4. Hon, you just need someone who knows what they’re doing.
    Auras certainly do exist, in response to some of the posts; I’m able to see them myself, but I was taught how to. I don’t believe you can just look at someone and their aura will magically appear for you to see.
    Additionally, one needs to be in a certain frame of mind to do so; very relaxed and unfocused. With me personally, it helps to take out my contact lenses!
    You might want to try a COMPETENT psychic in your area, Hon.


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