Home Discussion Forum How can I find succubi that currently reside in the Mid-Ohio Valley?

How can I find succubi that currently reside in the Mid-Ohio Valley?

I want to become their lovers.

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  1. The best you can do is put an ad outside your window: “Succubus needed”, and then wait if one shows up. Not having any sexual encounters for a few days might help, too. Makes you more attractive.

  2. They don’t reside anywhere in our reality, not usually. As far as finding one, (shakes head) You really don’t know what it is like to deal with one so it seems romantic, seductive or a fantasy come true. It’s not any of them. Your personality changes, you are drained of life energy. Someone who has a succubus attract to them doesn’t live too long. They constant stimulate you, not always pleasantly. I have seen someone who has been plagued with an incubus. I have helped this person get it away and keep it away. They don’t care about there “lovers” they only care about draining energy and killing their “lovers”.
    I suggest you forget about this. It’s not what it may seem in fiction stories or Dungeons and dragons.
    Hope this helps you!

  3. Are you trying to hunt them down or become their victims? You would not enjoy the latter; “sex demon” sounds like fun, having your life energy drained from you sort of kills the euphoria.

  4. I pray for you that you DO NOT SEEK SUCCUBI!
    Please do not.
    You are asking for more than you want.
    The relationships involve more than just sex. It will make you miserable the longer you continue. You will be lonely and depressed. You will only live in the dark.
    Succubi can live anywhere they want.
    I know what I speak of because I have 2 succubi that are attached to me. I have seen them both and they have attacked me on separate occasions in which it scared the life out of me. It is only because I rejected them. It is too late for me now to let go easily. They are ruining my life. After a long time they have been making it worst for me since I’ve been rejecting them too late in the relationship. I did not know what I got myself into. My life could of been so much better a long time ago but I’ve made that mistake. Now I just want to follow the path God has given me however it is extremely hard with these 2 sex demons on my back.
    They’ve made it hard for me and others around me to live. They’ve come to me in dreams all the time. I hate it.
    Please do not seek succubi for the life of you if you want a good life.


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