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How can I find people who can turn stories into Scripts?

I am not heading Writers Guild or my usual “table” people I want to find some new people who can get the story fully and have loads of imagination and drive . I write stories and songs ( published ) but scripts are hard!
Anyone or anybody know any new groups I can find new people
Heading to new direction and aura


  1. You can find competent screenwriters–vastly outnumbered by wanna-bes–at IMDb’s Shop Talk Writers board, AbsoluteWrite’s Scripts board, and undoubtedly other boards as well.
    The big stumbling block is going to be, why should they want to write your idea in script form instead of their own ideas? The answer is, they’re not, with one big exception: money.
    If you’re willing to pay, at least part of it up-front, you can get a decent screenplay written based on your idea.
    If, however, you seek a partnership, the chance that the screenwriter is a newbie still finding his or her way is pretty high.

  2. Writing scripts isnt that hard! I suggest you either by books like “The art and science of screenwriting” for a start.
    The main difference between scripts and books is that scripts is explaining what happen on the screen and is always in presence will books can be in all sort of tempus.
    There is a lot of web pages on screenwriting as well as bookdito so browse yourself around theese.
    Other than that I always say that you get better from writing by writing so go ahead and try!
    If youre not living in sweden I guess I am the wrong teamplayer for you but good luck in finding one! Johan

  3. There are plenty of screenwriters out there who are willing to ghost for you.
    There are, however, very few that will do it for a price you’re willing to pay. GOOD screenwriters aren’t cheap.
    There are many screenwriting sites on the internet where you can find young, starving, unknown writers who will turn your work into … well, probably just crap. You can start there. After that, sign up for an IMDb Pro account and look through the lists of screenwriters there. You’ll probably find a good fit among the pros.


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