Home Discussion Forum How can I find out the color of my aura?

How can I find out the color of my aura?

How do I find a person who knows how to read auras, where would I get this information?


  1. You might try an alternative book store for readers or check on line. Someone who does Kurrilian Photography can also help. Oh yes, and alternative or psychic fares are also good places to check out options. Remembering too, the your aural is constantly changing, as it is the life force around us. Good luck!

  2. It depends on your mood, if you are happy it’s pink and if you are sad it’s a muddy color, it change’s with your mood.

  3. This kind of question raises skeptical concerns – there is no evidence for the existence of auras in this context. All of those who claim to be able to read auras fail when subjected to scientific testing – or even basic testing.
    Also, we know that auras can be symptoms of a migraine, a certain form of epilepsy, retinal fatigue, a visual system disorder or a brain disorder, in the person who sees them. Auras are not some supernatural phenomenon that special people can read and use to diagnose illness.
    So if you are planing on spending money on this, and if it has anything to do with a health issue, I would strongly advise you to approach with caution, and do some objective research.

  4. Honestly, it’s a scam. People cannot see ‘auras’. At the very most you’re likely to be releasing some electromagnetic radiation somewhere in the infra red which can be picked up by special cameras.
    Anyone who claims to see colours around you is lying or hallucinating.


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