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How can I find my spirit guide?

One of my friends says that she can see and talk to her spirit guide, as though he is physically there. I was wondering if there were any ways of communicating with and finding my spirit guide.

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  1. When I was a pagan, I tried every way to find my ‘spirit guide’.Meditations, books, I wondered if I had one or not. I now know that I do not. I would talk to him/her but I doubted their existance.
    I now know that talking to God is the best way. Why talk to a spirit guide when you can talk to the real deal? Pray to God in Jesus name for he is the one you should talk to! He give me more comfort than any spirit guide could of ever given me.

  2. fast for a while, go for a long hike in a park, and sit under a bush away from any person for a day or two. But make sure your grandfather knows how to find you in case you get into troubles! Personally, I vote for Jesus also.

  3. LOOK PEYOTE will send your straight to your spirit GUIDE. AND WHEN you see them tell them i said hello OK? good luck

  4. Technically, yes! Although some are gifted with the sixth sense which makes it much easier to recieve their information.
    You know that little voice in the back of your head giving you good advice? That’s your spirit guide, and ultimately God.
    So, if your struggling to get more in touch with your guide, the best way is to meditate. While meditating, ask the questions you would like to know. The first thing that pops in your head is usually the answer you want.
    What I’m saying is that you can cultivate this 6th sense through spirituality, meditation, getting in touch with yourself, all of those things.
    you can talk to your guide any time you want, the mediation just makes it easier to be open to recieve advice. (This works with God as well!:)

  5. This is extremely interesting that you need a guide to find your guide–a somewhat puzzling situation—I don’t think I’ve ever run into anyone in such need for guidance…..Hopefully Maratook is still somewhere to be found on this site–she usually has some rock solid spook stuff to lay on people and I’ll bet she could give you the GPS location for this ghostie if one can find her–I’ll look around in housewares and if I find her I’ll send her over here K ??

  6. There are many ways of communicating with your own personal spiritual guide.The simplest way is to just talk to them.Ask them to reveal themselves.Then wait for a sign or something.

  7. You can’t see him but you can hear him everytime it tells you to make a right decision. It’s like the voice in your head telling you the positive things to do, that is your spirit guide. Has a name too.

  8. I went on a Shamanic vision quest to find my guides. It involved cleansing myself of all connections to this world, then visualizing traveling to the spirit world. Then calling for my guide, then sending him away until the same guide came three times in a row, and then I knew that that was my guide. Once we had met and I could clearly visualize my guide, finding him again was much easier.

  9. speak to them outloud..ask them to contact you in a way you’ll understand…for example before you go to sleep ask to dream of them…

  10. Start small by simply listening to your intuitive self. It doesn’t matter how trivial your thought is, listen to it. I started with elevators. Relax and visualize which elevator will arrive. Also start writing down your dreams. You’ll learn more about yourself and may discover what your doing in this reality. We come into contact with our spirit guides while our physical bodies rest. Then move onto meditation. Create a place where you want to meet your spirit guide. Ask your spirit guide to reveal them self to you. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen quickly. Try to set a reoccurring time weekly, bi-weekly or whatever works for you.

  11. peyote is one way to contact your power animal or animal spirit guide…however, peyote is not legal, & it can be difficult to come by… there is another way that does not require psychoactive drugs it is called an underworld journey, this can be a solo meditiation or one facilitated by a shaman. Michel Harner has a good book called “the way of the shaman” that can help you meet your animal allies, power animals & spirit guides. Your friend who claims to have contacted her spirit guide/ power animal, can ask her power animal for help to introduce you to your power animal in a group meditiation. If she does not or is not able to facilitate a meeting, then your best bet is to read harners books, practice the medititations, and perhaps go to one or 2 of his seminars… check the link…


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