How can I find my Animal Guide?

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My sister did a spiritual connection in a class of hers and learned her two spirit animals. Horse and Wolf. She fears trying to help me find mine for danger of opening the wrong door or path. She suggests I find a Shaman to help me or someone of that nature. A website on ‘totems’ suggest my animal might be what I feel most drawn to. That would be cats but mainly the tiger. Actually I love all cats but feel torn between a few big cats. Can anyone help me or give me advice?

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Julie J

Here’s some advice: Grow up.

Not me. Or is it...

I kind of feel sorry for you.


ive heard that Haiwatha is a drug that induces spiritual visions
and in connection with sweat lodges can be achieved through fasting and prayer.
i speculate any legitimacy of true visions where where pharmecutical drugs are used that are created by the hands of men and secret formulas
i would think the only true visions that come From God come from isolation and segregation from any corruption of mans pagan religions
that almost requires all shamans and christian and Islamic religions to be restricted.
sleep deprivation alone will open the mind up to spiritual invitation. but must be done in holiness with fasting and sincere prayer.


Hmm. Unfortunately I cannot offer any advice. You should definitely find someone knowledgeable about this. Perhaps you should contact the professor in your sister’s class?


it could be that you have many guides if you are torn between some then maybe hey can all teach ou something such is the purpous of an animal guide to lead you to more knowlege either about yourself or life in general if i were you i wouldnt choose i woul wait and let the animals come to you dont think on it too hard or your mind might block the lesson that you are ment to learn but what ever path you choose i wish you the best of luck


To find your totem Animal, You can follow one or all of the following paths.
1) Vision quest. A time in wilderness until you achieve a vision or sudden epiphany.
2) Inner-journeying. An exercise that allows the brain to enter into an Altered State Of Consciousness, often by using drumming (Which you can buy on CD at most bookshops) or chanting a mantra. This should be done in the dark with little or no distractions.
3) Medicine Reading. For this, you’ll need to find a local shaman who will open a ceremony by scattering bones, and other relics and by their pattern will be able to tell you what your Spirit or Totem Animal is.
As for all the haters, Shamanism is a world-wide spirituality sacred to millions. Show a little respect.

Zanna Starr

I do Animal Guide readings using animal oracle cards. This type of reading can help you in your search for your Animal Guide. My own guide is the Wolf. I discovered this through a vivid dream in which I was a wolf myself.
I find that people often have separate animal guides at different times in their lives, in addition to one guide that serves for a lifetime.
If you are interested in talking to me about a reading, please feel free to contact me by email.
Zanna Starr


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