Home Discussion Forum How can I find and manipulate chakra?

How can I find and manipulate chakra?


  1. Here’s how it works:
    I get you drunk…
    I tell you that I will now manipulate your chakra…
    4 hours later you leave, crying.
    I have a cigarette.

  2. There are seven and they don’t need to be manipulated just utilized. If you log on to beliefnet.com you will find much to study there that will answer all your questions.

  3. study buddhism and martial arts, and go in the woods to meditate constantly. Soon you will be able to call upon the earths chakra and be able to kill your enemies with blades of grass and all kinds of other crazy shit.

  4. study nin-po it is very helpful in manipulating your chakras ……i am studying it….it is really very helpful!!


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