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How can I find a past life hypnotic regression therapist and anyone know average costs for a session?


  1. Look in the yellow pages under “for mugs” section.
    As for cost, they’ll take as much as you’ve got, they’re not fussy.

  2. First, please try the first-person-singular approach: YOU are the only person who knows your past-life history. Trust nothing a “psychic” can tell you about a past life… unless s/he can give you amazingly accurate details about your present life (like your favorite aunt’s date of birth, your dad’s middle name, a phone number you had as a kid, the details of the last dream you had, etc.)
    A regression therapist who is not a psychic but who simply guides you toward self discovery of past lives could be beneficial to you, but there are problems with that, too, the stress of having to produce memories within a certain time frame, in the presence of a stranger…
    The best ways to explore your past lives are: (1) Self hypnosis; (2) Meditation; (3) Interactive communication in dreams between the conscious and subconscious (not dream interpretation, but dream control). A great book about designing and learning from your dreams is “Creative Dreaming” by Patricia Garfield PhD http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Dreaming-Patricia-Garfield-Ph-D/dp/0345331443 . I recommend that book and a blank notebook to record all your dreams (even the ones that don’t seem to be related to past lives).
    Another book I highly recommend (though there are others similar that might be as good) has a dumb title but lots of useful information: http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Idiots-Guide-Past-Regression/dp/1592570658
    Good luck on your quest!


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